Obstetrician Salary

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Obstetrician Salary

The salary of an obstetrician is a driving factor for many young aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the highly respected and challenging field of obstetrics. This article attempts to acquaint you with various facets of an obstetrician’s job.

Enter the world of medical jobs, and you will find that every job has its own specialty and importance. In the US, medical jobs have always been popular, thanks to the ever-growing medical and health care industry, known for its diverse and expanding branches, decent salaries, and a sense of job security. One of the jobs that is looked up to with great admiration is that of an obstetrician.

Job of an Obstetrician

Pregnancy is one of the happiest events in the life of any woman, not to mention the entire family. The anticipation of the arrival of a cute little baby into the life of the couple evokes a sense of belonging, love, and excitement! A major and eventful phase, pregnancy impacts the life of the woman, both, emotionally and physically.

A complication during pregnancy is definitely unfortunate and tragic. However, it’s not always the case. Yes, there are some people who are there to help women who have pregnancy-related problems. Obstetricians are professionals who ensure an untroubled pregnancy and take care of a woman’s health, from the start till the birth of the new life.

The most important duties of an obstetrician include identifying and treating problems related to pregnancy. An obstetrician is responsible for taking effective patient care by working on programs that are beneficial for the mother and the child during the pregnancy phase. Monitoring the mother’s and child’s health during pregnancy phase is obviously challenging.

Salary Range

Medical students and practicing doctors must understand that salary is a highly flexible parameter in the professional market, and it is dependent on various factors. An obstetrician’s salary majorly depends upon the following factors

  • Educational Degree
  • Training/Internships
  • Work Experience
  • Geographical Location
  • Private/Practice Clinics

If we consider the educational degree, then we have to be aware that a combined degree in gynecology and obstetrics opens the doors to higher salaries than a degree either in gynecology or obstetrics. The salary range also majorly depends on the working location of an obstetrician. For instance, locations like New York, where the cost of living is relatively high, see an average salary range that is higher.

The career development path to become an obstetrician is long and patience is a much-needed virtue in this profession. If a prospective obstetrician expects a decent salary, then it is not a surprise since the workload and stress can be exhausting, and the working hours are hectic as well. After achieving various degrees, certificates, and licenses, the high salary is like a just reward for the hard work and dedication of obstetricians.

The salary in the United States starts from USD 50,000 and can shoot up to USD 270,000. An obstetrician having work experience of one to four years can earn between USD 120,000 to 195,000, and those having work experience of about five to nine years, can earn a salary between USD 140,000 to USD 210,000. For an established obstetrician who has work experience of 20 plus years, earnings can be as high as USD 280,000.

So, by now you must have seen that a career in this field is lucrative and rewarding. And if, for a moment, you forget the salary, then the joy of helping a mother give birth to a new life is definitely beyond any materialistic pursuit. So, if your interests match this field, then you must make efforts to live your dreams.

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