Nursing Job Cover Letter

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Nursing Job Cover Letter

When applying for any position, it is the cover letter that speaks for the resume that is enclosed, and for your capacity to handle a particular job. Here’s how to write a cover letter for a nursing job so that you can get any position you desire. Take a look.

Most people find writing a cover letter a little challenging, simply because they don’t know what to put in it. With everything having been mentioned in the resume, what goes into the cover letter? A cover letter is basically a preface to your resume. In such a letter, you introduce yourself formally, explain the position you are applying for, mention the skills you possess, and the capacities you are capable of handling in a convincing manner, so that the reader wants to peruse your resume. Your cover letter should stand out among others, because employers get so many such letters all the time. As for all jobs, even applying for a nursing job requires you to write an appropriate cover letter. For those of you looking for some help on writing one such outstanding letter, here are some tips and a sample that will help you go ahead.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Nursing Job

Applying for a new nursing job means you are leaving behind another one. You have to state the reason for your search for a new job, but it should be showcased in a positive light. For instance, the reason could be that you are looking for growth or for better opportunities. Avoid showcasing anything in a negative light. If this is your first job, you are likely to be lacking sufficient experience. However, with any nursing degree, an internship is a must. So, mention all the skills you acquired on that internship and how you are ready to use those skills in the new job. As mentioned earlier, you have to convince the interviewer about your capacity to take up any kind of challenges, which you cannot do just with a resume. Next, a cover letter should be short. You cannot and should not keep rambling on for pages about your ability and experience and how you will be perfect for the job. Finally, your letter should exude your passion for the job; that not only are you capable of holding such a position, you are also capable of justifying it in every way because you are so passionate about it. Having provided these tips, with the sample mentioned below, you will understand how you can write an effective cover letter for a nursing job.

Your Name
Address • Contact Number: 0000-0000 • E-Mail Address


Contact Name (Name of Hiring Manager)
Contact Designation
Company Name
Company Address
Company City, State, Zip

Sub: Immediately Available: Registered Nurse with 5 yrs. Experience

Dear Ms./Mr. Last Name,

With reference to the advertisement posted by your hospital in GHI Times on April 20, 2011, I would like to apply for the position of ICU Nurse currently available in the hospital.

I am a highly passionate and dedicated Registered Nurse with 5 whole years of hands-on experience and skill in the appropriate care of patients. I have also handled certain aspects of clinical operations and cost-management in a healthcare setting. While I have functioned as a ward nurse in the past, I believe I am now armed with the skills necessary to deal with the work environment in an ICU, a position I find myself very passionate about. I understand that such a job involves greater pressure and focus, but I can assure you that I will be able to cope up with the demands of such a job.

I have been recognized as an individual who knows how to develop and maintain relationships with my colleagues, doctors, as well as patients. I have been able to face challenging situations in the different aspects of healthcare settings by providing significant and resourceful contributions to the process of crisis management. I have a solid background in training and an appropriate amount of knowledge of the administrative and managerial areas of healthcare. Apart from these, I have found that patients are suitably comfortable with me and that I can ease them of the anxiety they experience in a hospital. My time management skills have never been questioned as I am well aware of how impeccable a nurse’s schedule should be.

I believe all the aforementioned skills are in accordance with the requirements of the position I seek within your hospital. Should you deem fit, I would like to schedule a meeting with you on April 25, 2011 and discuss the position in detail, and the ways in which I can meet all the necessary requirements for the job. I will confirm this meeting with you on April 23, 2011. Alternately, you may contact me at any time regarding this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Encl: Resume

The skills mentioned in this cover letter are those that would not easily make it to the resume. While your resume will speak of your experience in detail, your cover letter will speak of the skills you possess that make this work experience so valuable. So, draft your cover letter based on the lines of the sample given above, and you are sure to be considered for any position you desire. Good luck!

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