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Nurse Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Nurse Manager Interview Questions and Answers

This article on nurse manager interview questions and answers could prove quite helpful to all the nurses who are planning to apply for a managerial post in a health care facility. Know all the possible questions that could be asked in an interview and the answers expected.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Nurse managers or head nurses supervise the work of other registered nurses working in the hospital. An important personality and the sole in-charge of the entire nursing department, he/she plays an important role in a medical facility. The primary responsibility of a nurse manager is to handle the entire nursing unit by taking necessary briefings, assisting with managerial duties, budget planning for the department and recruitment of other nurses. To become eligible for this designation, the candidate should have spent a considerable amount of time in the nursing department and must have done some credible work.

Questions and Answers for the Interview

Candidates selected to attend the interview shouldn't worry much as the entire session is going to be about their likes/dislikes and their work profile. Interviewees who have done their Bachelor's in Nursing from an accredited medical school and those who are having a rich experience in the respective field have an added advantage. In addition to those impressive credentials, it is healthy to have a brief idea about the interview's questions and answers, so that interviewees can be a little at ease during the whole procedure.

Say something about yourself.
This is the most obvious question. In such situations, the candidate should have few statements prepared in the mind, and don't sound rehearsed when you say it. Say something which is not mentioned in the resume, talk a little about your professional and family life.

In what departments of health-care do you have working experience and have you ever been employed as a nurse manager?
The candidate should begin the answer by explaining his/her work experience as a registered nurse. If the candidate has worked at a managerial position then he/she should provide details about that. It is a good idea to also let the interviewer know about the various departments that you've handled.

What do your co-workers say about you?
This question can work in your favor only if you use the correct lines. While answering this question be prepared with a quote or statement that describes you the best. Also, explain why your co-workers like working with you or consider you as a good manager.

Why are you leaving your current job? Are you having any problems over there?
This question can be the deciding one. The interviewer wants to know some juice about your previous workplace. Never speak ill about your previous organization, superiors or co-workers. If you do, you are the one who would be blamed in the end, answer this question with a smile and say that you are looking for better opportunities and future career prospects.

How was your experience in training freshly recruited nurses in the medical facility?
Answer this question by saying how managers help newly recruited nurses get perfect at what they do.Nurse managers assesses performance and conducts training sessions for newly recruits which helps the latter understand the functioning of the entire hospital and what is expected from them.

How much do you know about our organization?
It is important to know at least some information about the place, your interview is getting fixed. Find out in which areas does the medical facility specialize into and have they won any awards for that, what are the current matters of this organization and who is on the board.

Do you have any friends or relatives who are currently working for us?
It is a good idea to be aware of the Relative Working for the Organization Policy. This answer can actually affect the interviewer's decision of hiring you. So be very thoughtful while answering such questions. If you want to name someone make sure they are closely related to you and they know you are coming for the interview just in case.

Do you believe in working for the team?
The answer to this question should be always positive. Say that you are a team player and be ready to explain it. Show that you can handle situations calmly and this is because you believe in the working with the team. Do not get carried away with the team player factor, just prove it with a simple point.

What are your financial expectations?
This can be pretty dicey and it is the question that can either hire or fire you. Never say the exact figures. Instead, use some good statements like, that's very tough to answer. Can you tell me what would be my job profile? How many members would I be handling? Give the interviewer your expected range and see how does it goes.

How long would you work with us if we hire you?
Never give the exact number, it can get you in a soup. Your answer should be something like this; I'd like to work here for a very long time "OR" till you feel that I am doing my job properly.

What is more important to you; salary package or job?
Again a very tricky question, answer wisely. You can say that it is obvious that money is important but work is the more important because it is the deciding factor of what you are worth as a professional.

It is important to be prepared with such smart replies to ensure that the interview goes smoothly. The above questions and answers are specially written to prepare the candidate in advance during the whole interviewing procedure.