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Nuclear Engineer Salary

Nuclear Engineer Salary
If you are planning for a career in nuclear engineering, you might want to get an idea about what the average salary is. In this article, you will find a salary range estimate, for professionals working in this field.
Omkar Phatak
The demand for nuclear engineers has always been on the rise since the 1950s. Much of this demand is attributed to the development of nuclear power plants and the reliance on nuclear energy, as a major energy source. The field is in need of skilled technicians who can handle the development, maintenance, and repair of nuclear power plants.
Job Description
Nuclear engineering is a truly vast field, which requires scientists, engineers, and technicians for the different kinds of research and development projects in this field. One of the main tasks of a nuclear engineer is the designing and building of nuclear reactors, along with the complete machinery for production of electricity, associated with them.
Other than development, most of them are involved in monitoring and maintenance of functional nuclear reactors. In government sector jobs, these engineers might also be involved in research and development of nuclear weapons. Many are involved in the development of nuclear isotope applications, in the field of medicine. Other than that, some devote their time to completely ensuring the safety of nuclear power usage, nuclear waste disposal, and environmental issues, related to usage of nuclear power. Experienced professionals among them, may work as consultants or serve as members of government commissions, later in their career.
These engineers are recruited by the navy, for the development and handling of nuclear power submarines and warships. You can get more information about it, if you visit the official website of the US navy.
Nuclear engineers have considerable opportunities for engaging in research and development projects, whose results are often classified. It is a job that comes with considerable responsibility and challenge. The salaries rise with the experience of an engineer in the field. Opportunities for jobs exist in the private and government sector, with lucrative salaries paid to people, who have considerable experience. However, the salary at the entry level too, is considerable, in the private and government sector.
Salary Range
The range provided here is aimed at giving you a general idea of the salaries paid in this field, irrespective of work in the private or government sector. That means, both, navy and private sector salaries are included.
Starting Salary
Through my research on the Internet, I found that the entry-level salary is in the range of USD 55,000 to USD 62,000. The average starting level salary is around USD 60,000. Due to the considerable technical expertise required in this field, only the best are chosen in this industry and paid handsomely, right from the entry-level.
Mid-level Salary
The growth in salary is considerable in this field, as one gains experience with time. People with 15 to 20 years of experience may earn a salary of USD 94,000 to USD 96,000.
High Level Salary
People with more than 20 years of experience in this field may earn as much as USD 100,000 per year. Private sector jobs offer a higher pay scale to experienced professionals, which may touch USD 110,000 in USA.
The demand for skilled professionals, in the field of nuclear engineering, is only going to increase with time, as nuclear power graduates to be the mainstay of power production in the world.