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Non Profit Program Manager Job Description

Non Profit Program Manager Job Description

Over the last few years, the job sector has seen a surge in the number of individuals applying for management positions. Non profit project manager is one such field that has grown tremendously, and is expected to grow in future as well.
Rahul Pandita
Non profit program managers usually head an organization that fights for causes such as child education, eradicating poverty, women empowerment, environmental issues, and other issues concerning the society. Although there are a lot of organizations that are categorized as non profit such as trade unions and public art houses, the most prominent among these are the charitable organizations. Non profit program managers lead a group of people who are entrusted to carry out the tasks of organizing rallies, collecting funds and donations and spreading awareness in the society.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Non profit program managers are responsible for ensuring that tasks are carried out as per a plan so that each activity is carried out within the stipulated time. This involves preparing a schedule and rostering the volunteers in an efficient manner.
  • Every organization needs funds to ensure that it sustains itself and is able to perform its functions smoothly. It is the duty of the non profit program manager to ensure that there are adequate funds to carry out the activities. Non profit program managers facilitate the transfer of money from donors and then in coordination of the other members of the group, prepare a plan to use it for the benefit of the organization.
  • The nature of non profit organizations is such that they are often involved in legal cases, and it is the responsibility of the project manager to make necessary arrangements for hiring an attorney who can represent the organization in court.
  • A non profit program manager has to hold discussions with the volunteers to know the challenges that they face in carrying out their activities. There are a lot of issues that demand the attention of a non profit organization, and carrying them all at the same time is not possible, so it is the duty of the program manager to prioritize activities that are of crucial importance so that less important issues can be taken up later.
  • A non profit program manager is the point of contact between the upper management and the volunteers. He is required to report the important recommendations to the upper management so that there is coordination between the upper management and the volunteers.
  • Non profit program managers have to often represent the organization at various forums and conferences, and it is their responsibility to put the concerns and feedback across so that there is awareness on the issues.
  • A non profit program manager has to also keep a check on whether the available funds and resources are used efficiently. They have to verify the amount of expenditures made by the organization and ensure that it fits in the allocated budget.
These were some of the duties and responsibilities of a non profit program manager. As you can see from the job description of the non profit program manager, it is essential that one has a wide range of skills. A program manager should be a proficient writer and orator as he has to seek grants for the company by either writing request letters or by meeting the donors in person. Apart from this, a non profit program manager should have an outgoing personality and he should have impeccable organizational skills. As far as the educational requirements for becoming a non profit program manager are concerned, most organizations require a Bachelor's degree and some level of experience, either at a public or a private domain.

Salary and Job Outlook

The average salary of a non profit program manager is in the range of $40,000 to $62,000. The variance in salary depends on a lot of factors such as the educational qualifications and number of years of experience. Project managers who have a Master's degree in public administration are likely to get higher compensation packages than those with a Bachelor's degree. The type of organization that one is working with also plays an important part in determining the salary. As far as the best places to work are concerned, Washington, New York and San Francisco top the list followed by Chicago and Los Angeles. The job outlook for this profession is positive as more and more non profit organizations are now aware about the need to have a professional to run the affairs of the organization. The employment opportunities are expected to grow in future as well.

A career as a non profit program manager can be satisfying as it gives you the opportunity to work for the greater benefit of the society. So, if you are someone who is pursuing this career path, you can rest assured that it offers numerous career advancement opportunities apart from financial security. Concluding, we hope that this article helps you with some useful information on the duties that are required of a non profit program manager.