Neuropsychologist Salary

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Neuropsychologist Salary

Looking for apt information on neuropsychologist salary figures? Here’s all you need to know in that case. Check the following content out.

You always scored above ninety percent in your science tests. You’ve always been your teacher’s favorite, and have spent most of the time in the science laboratory. No wonder the structure and functions of the brain entice you. Neuropsychology is an interesting career for those who find the study of psychological processes and behavioral conducts of humans as well as animals. The information processing of the mind with cognitive science and cognitive psychology are what makes neuropsychology scientific in its approach. An opportunity to turn your skills into a career is what neuropsychology has to offer you. You know, it’s a fantastic blend of clinical and forensic psychology, and careers in the same are better than any other field in the entire U.S. Just so you know, a job in the field of neuropsychology offers medical aspirants one of the most lucrative careers of all time.

To strengthen the fact, and fortify your belief, the following content presents astonishing salary figures for neuropsychologists, to leave you awestruck, and to consider yourself as one of the luckiest individuals in the world, in case you manage to fetch a job in the same. Courtesy: highest paying medical jobs data and statistics. You cannot miss reading this one, or can you?

Average Salary of a Neuropsychologist

We’ll latch into neuropsychologist job description later on, for what’s more important is, how much do neuropsychologists make on an average. In the first place, it’ll be great for you to know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics, America, states that through 2016, careers in neuropsychology are to grow by 8 percent. Needless to say, neuropsychologists are one of the highest paid medical professionals considering the ever-growing psychologist salary figures, and hence, the ones working in major metropolitan cities, with a good work experience of 5-9 years, easily make $175,000 per year. What’s more, the highest salary package ever recorded for some neuropsychologists was $300,000, with due regards to their skills, experience, and intelligence. On the other hand, the lower limit for their salary is no less than $80,000 – much more than many other hospital jobs in the field of medicine. That said, we can say that on an average, the salary of neuropsychologists is no less than $100,000 – $120,000 per annum. What follows below is a tabular representation of the starting pay scale of neuropsychologists in major regions of the United States of America. Take a look:

Arizona $67,000
California $83,000
District of Columbia $88,000
Florida $74,000
Georgia $81,000
Illinois $81,000
Kansas $69,000
Louisiana $77,000
Maine $75,000
Massachusetts $89,000
Michigan $70,000
Minnesota $73,000
New Jersey $81,000
New Mexico $69,000
New York $90,000
North Carolina $74,000
Ohio $72,000
Pennsylvania $69,000
South Carolina $69,000
Texas $73,000
Utah $73,000
Virginia $78,000
Washington $71,000
Wisconsin $63,000

Psychology segments itself into a number of branches, out of which, neuropsychology offers maximum career opportunities. Neuropsychologists enjoy a flexible schedule as a result of private practice and consultancy. Note that, the above stated salary figures are approximate, and may hugely vary as per the area of the U.S. you choose to work in.

Job Profile of a Neuropsychologist

The main job of a neuropsychologist is to organize and conduct academic research on neurological disorders, diagnose and treat patients of head injury, stroke, and other associated neuropsychological problems. What’s more, a neuropsychologist assists and witnesses testimony in those court cases that involve judgment with reference to victims psychological conditions. It is interesting to see how well these individuals administer the various tests, scans, and measures associated with the brain, thereby, monitoring the various neuro-cognitive processes. Neuropsychologists either work in laboratories or with medical professionals at hospitals or privately. All in all, a comprehensive study of the relationship between the brain function and the psychological behavior fetches psychologists, having dedicated themselves to the study of neurological processes, a great work environment along with extraordinarily attractive salary packages.

If medical specialties allure you, and becoming a neuropsychologist is your ultimate aim, there’s nothing better than getting started with the training procedure. Salary range for jobs in the field is beyond attractive, and nothing but the above information on the pay scale of neuropsychologists underlines the fact better. Research as much as you can, give your best performance, and the best careers in medicine will embrace you with arms wide open.

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