Neonatologist Salary Range

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Neonatologist Salary Range

Neonatologist’s job is considered to be one amongst the top paying jobs and careers in the U.S. This Buzzle article presents information on neonatologist salary range and neonatologist job description. Scroll down, if you are interested in making a career in neonatology, an esteemed branch of pediatrics.

The annual salary of a neonatologist varies with the setting and the neonatologist’s interests. Neonatology provides endless research opportunity. Last year’s survey results show that neonatologists have seen healthy increases in compensation.

A newborn is known as a neonate during the initial days of his / her life. A neonatologist studies and specializes in the overall development and health care of a neonate. Factors like employee credentials, years of experience, employer’s capacity, population of the city, general competitiveness in the market, and type and size of the organization, etc., determine neonatologist salary range. It varies from state to state in the U.S.

Salary Range

The neonatologist salary range in the US is around $56,000 (entry-level) to $600,000 (experienced senior doctors). The average salary of an experienced neonatologist is around $275,400. The starting salary may be between $56,000 – $101,640 per annum. The average bonus can be between $5000 – $59,000 per annum. The average hourly wage for a neonatal physician is $101.65. Well-experienced neonatologists may earn $150.80 per hour. Those with the lowest salaries get $68.91 per hour on average.

Here is a list of some median, annual, approximate salaries of neonatologists in various states. The salaries mentioned below may not include extra benefits such as bonus, profit share, and other privileges.

City State Mean Salary
New York NY $81,000
Seattle WA $72,000
Los Angeles CA $72,000
Miami FL $64,000
Houston TX $76,000
Atlanta GA $84,000
Chicago IL $80,000
Phoenix AZ $56,000
Charlotte NC $72,000
Orlando FL $60,000
Indianapolis IN $58,000
Boston MA $84,000

* Source: Indeed

Salary negotiation plays an important role in the career of a neonatologist, as does for any other profession. Salary of a neonatologist may vary from person to person depending on his education, specialization, and years of experience. A recently graduated neonatologist from a low acuity academic setting is given less salary than a veteran neonatologist from a high acuity setting, who is able to provide direct patient care, and take in-house night calls independently. There can be exceptions at both ends of the spectrum.

Educational Qualification

A neonatologist’s job is hospital-based, and he usually practices in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). He holds either a M.D.(Doctor of Medicine) or a D.O.(Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) degree. In the U.S., a pediatrician is expected to get the license to practice, and then complete an additional training of 3 years, which is known as a fellowship in neonatology. Neonatologists are certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. Similar programs are run by most of the countries for fellowship training in neonatology.

Job Description

A neonatologist is expected to be familiar with standard medical practices, concepts, and procedures. Services in neonatology are mostly available at big hospitals, as they have the resources to provide state-of-the-art NICU equipment and staff. A neonatologist is consulted when some medical problems are detected in the newborns, during or immediately after birth. A neonatologist is responsible for the treatment of these babies. He is responsible for the medication and due recovery of neonates. He is expected to determine the medical problems of premature and sick babies, by examining them, utilizing diagnostic images, physical findings, and the laboratory test-results as diagnostic aids. A neonate facing a critical condition may require 24×7 medical support, thus leading to long shift duties and disturbed sleep schedule for the neonatologist. Premature babies require intensive medical care, and neonatology is about caring for these infants. A neonatologist is also expected to assist baby’s parents in handling the baby carefully, and this he does by training and educating them about caring for newborns. During severely critical situations, he has to take quick decisions like referring the patient to other specialists or surgeons. Apart from higher education and experience, a neonatologist should have a compassionate mind and willingness to help the needy. Doctors and parents need to consult a neonatologist for birth defects or health problems in the newborns. Once the baby reaches home, parents are supposed to seek advice from a pediatrician (whenever the baby is ill).

It can be safely concluded that neonatology is an exciting field, and the job of a neonatologist is one of the respectable and rewarding jobs amongst all medical jobs. Giving you a chance to provide health care services to newborns, neonatology can surely provide you with the highest level of job satisfaction.

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