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Nanny Duties

Nanny Duties

The basic responsibilities of nannies are to look after everything related to child care, child development, as well as child safety. You can find out more about nanny duties, responsibilities, and the salary from this article.
Chandramita Bora
If you are considering hiring a nanny for your child, then it is imperative to have some basic idea about this job. First, it is important to understand that a nanny is not a maid or a housekeeper or a cook, though some nannies may not mind to take some additional responsibilities along with child care. But in general, she is the person mainly responsible for child care and safety. Her main duties are those that are related with childcare. To perform such duties successfully, she should possess some basic qualities. First and foremost, she should be loving and caring, should have a pleasant disposition and possesses the quality to control children without being harsh. It is immensely important for both the employer and the nanny to understand the basic responsibilities of this job, in order to ensure proper child care.

What Does a Nanny Do?

As has been mentioned already, a nanny is responsible for everything related to child care. Her responsibilities are much more than just babysitting. Her main duty is to provide a loving and caring environment for the child, and helping the child to do his or her day-to-day activities. She is responsible for looking after the child in the absence of parents.
  • Feeding the child at proper time and helping him or her to take bath, get dressed and get ready for the school.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene of the child.
  • Transporting or driving the children to and from various places like, the school, playgroups, library, museums and zoo.
  • Attending any kind of event with the children.
  • Preparing meal for the children, and keeping their bedrooms and playrooms neat and clean.
  • Supervising the children during playtime to ensure child safety.
  • Helping children in reading and doing their home works.
  • Participating in educational games and outdoor activities with the children.
  • Encouraging the children to participate in creative and educational activities.
  • Teaching good manners to the children, especially the way they are supposed to talk and behave with others.
  • Looking after the overall growth and development of the children. Along with parents, a nanny is also responsible for looking after the various aspects of child development.
  • Keeping the parents well informed about their child's health, as well as his or her progress in education or learning.
Apart from these basic duties, some nannies may be willing to take additional responsibilities, like cooking family meals, cleaning the house and laundry, which are not the typical duties. Not all nannies may not like to take these extra burdens. For taking these additional responsibilities, nannies may demand a higher salary. To avoid any kind of confusion, the employer should make a list of the things or services that they expect from the nanny, and nanny should also make a resume. They can describe the basic duties for resume, and then mention clearly whether they are interested in taking any additional duties and responsibilities.

Average Salary

Like any other jobs, salary or payment for nanny jobs also depends on the experience of the nanny and the hours of service provided. The salary can also differ depending on the number of children that the nanny is supposed to take care of. Even educational qualification can affect the salary. The average wage is about USD 10 - USD 15 per hour, according to the International Nanny Association (INA). The salary of full-time nannies are usually given on weekly basis, which can be USD 500 to USD 600 per week, on an average. The salary can be higher, if she is ready to take additional responsibilities.

Parents should take it into account that giving more additional responsibilities to a nanny means that less time available for the children.