Motivational Speaker Salary

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Motivational Speaker Salary

Getting speakers to give a motivating speech at meetings and congregations is fairly common, as the world we live in gets complex and competitive. This article tells you about the job description of motivational speakers and the salary earned by them.

If people say that you talk a lot and you talk sense, then becoming a motivational speaker is something that may suit your personality. And what’s more, imagine, if you would be paid for talking. I know its interesting, but only talking is not enough. To become successful, you must master the art of talking, for which you must master the art of delivering a message in a way that it motivates or instigates people to take positive actions in their life. People often believe that these speakers just have to speak or deliver speeches, but there is a lot more what goes in to preparing for those talks and speeches.

Job Description of a Motivational Speaker

The primary job may vary as per their employer and the audience. For example, a person working in school or college setting has to deliver motivational speeches that would inspire students to study better and archive success in their academic and personal life. In case the speaker is hired by an organization or a company, his or her role is to motivate employees to achieve success in their career or develop positive attitude towards work. Basically, motivational speaker can work in different environment and settings. But, some roles and responsibilities remain the same, irrespective of the target audience. They are as follows:

  • Gathering all relevant data and information in order to prepare for the speech or the talk.
  • Crosschecking all facts and information before using it in the speech.
  • Carrying out a thorough research of the topic, as well as target audience, in order to make a relevant and effective speech.
  • Rehearsing the speech and delivering it in front of a group of people, and then be ready to answer their queries or counter questions.

From the above job description, it is evident that a professional speaker must possess exceptionally good communication skills. He or she must have a strong command over the language so that the right words are used to motivate and inspire people to lead a happy and contented life. But how much do these speakers earn?

Salary of a Motivational Speaker

Well, the salary largely depends on the experience of the candidate. Since there is no specific qualification needed for becoming a motivational speaker, the only requirements for the job are good command over the language, influential dialog delivery, and previous work experience which has to be coupled with a pleasing and impressive personality. A person who has extensive experience in the field, and someone who has all relevant skills and knowledge about public speaking, is generally paid more than freshmen. Average salary earned by professional speaker is somewhere around $44,000 per year.

Well, but as mentioned, it is one of the emerging fields and hence the salary can be different for each professional. The salary also depends on the size of the employer and the tasks performed by the speaker. In a setting where the speaker has to just deliver a speech written and prepared by someone else, he or she may be paid less. Whereas, professionals who prepare and deliver their own speeches are paid higher. A good institute is sure to pay more than a small company or organization, but it again depends on the requirements and demands of the employer. So, to earn higher salary, it is essential to gain as much experience as possible.

Motivational speaker could come from any type of environment; he could be a person with religious background, spiritual background, or someone with great public speaking skills, or even a celebrity who wants to spread a message on a specific issue. So, they can be from all walks of life, and may inspire and motivate people.

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