Most Lucrative Careers

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Most Lucrative Careers

If you are thinking of the most lucrative careers in the industry, a majority of them are from the health care sector. This article lists some of the most remunerative careers in America.

The health care sector seems to have the best paying jobs. Alongside this, the information and technology sector also has many lucrative career options for qualified employment seekers.

Who wouldn’t want to have a career which is in demand, pays well, and provides a great deal of satisfaction? Yes, I am talking about a lucrative career which we all dream of. While the trend for the top careers keeps changing based on various economic factors – like recession – there are some sectors which have shown tremendous possibilities, when it comes to making a good amount of money. However, money is not the only parameter. There are other important factors including growth, security, and job satisfaction.

U.S. News did an elaborate survey on the best job rankings of 2013, for which the data was taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Various essential components were taken into consideration to rank a specific job. These components included – Median Salary, 10-Year Growth Volume, 10-Year Growth Percentage, Stress Level, Employment Rate, Work-Life Balance, and Future Job Prospects. Therefore, their rankings are based on a thorough evaluation of all these parameters, which together make a job ‘lucrative’.

1. Dentist

Dentists look after dental problems, and treat and cure these problems accordingly. As there are many people who have dental issues, dentistry professionals are widely sought after. The per annum pay of dentists largely depends on their specialization, location, and the nature of the organization where they work.

Median Salary:
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 21%

Dentist And Patient

2. Registered Nurse

Second on the list is another career from the health care sector. A registered nurse (RN) takes care of patients, and educates them about health conditions. They also counsel patients and their families when needed. Their remuneration depends on their work environment, experience, and qualification.

Median Salary: $65,950
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 26%

Nurse Visiting Female Patient On Ward

3. Pharmacist

Ranking third is yet another medicine-related career. A pharmacist is responsible for providing patients with medicines prescribed by the doctor. He or she also advises the dosage and usage of these medications. Pharmacists work in retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, or corporate settings, earning their income accordingly.

Median Salary: $113,390
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 25.4%

Pharmacist Chemist Woman

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Bagging the number four position is the job of a computer system analyst, who is expected to study and analyze the current trend in the organization when it comes to computers and technological procedures. Practical and profitable recommendations are made by the computer system analyst, to improve the organization’s efficiency.

Median Salary: $78,770
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 22.1%

5. Physician

The fifth spot brings us back to the health care sector, to the doctor’s care. Well, as we all know, it is the job of a physician to examine, diagnose, and prescribe medicines to patients who seek medical assistance. A physician also prescribes diagnostic tests, if required, to help diagnose and treat patients. The remuneration of a physician depends upon their designation, qualification, and location.

Median Salary: $183,170
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 24%

Physician Receiving Mature Patients In Clinic

6. Database Administrator

With everything becoming “tech savvy”, and most of our information being stored in computer systems, it is a database administrator who is responsible for storing, organizing, and managing necessary information (data) in an efficient manner, as per the need of the organization. Database administrators are in demand almost everywhere, be it in hospitals, corporate bodies, banks, or educational institutes.

Median Salary: $75,190
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 30.6%

Software Engineer Working In Server Room

7. Software Developer

Weren’t we just discussing our information being stored in computers! A computer system has various software programs which enable the storage, access, retrieval, and maintenance of computer data. A software developer is a person who uses his technical knowledge and creative skills to formulate such software and applications, which we use to make our lives ‘technologically simplified’, be it personally or professionally!

Median Salary: $89,280
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 27.6%

Software Developer Working On Computer

8. Physical Therapist

The demand for physical therapists is increasing day by day. They cater to clients who deal with injuries or problems in physical movements. Doctors refer various patients to a physical therapist who conducts the right exercises to ensure recovery in the patient’s movements, followed by proper healing. They may work for a hospital, clinic, or may have a private office.

Median Salary: $78,270
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 39%

Female Physical Therapist Checks Reflex

9. Web Developer

With each and every profit and non-profit organization having a website, and common people like you and me having our own webpages, blogs, and accounts in social networking sites, do I really need to explain what web developers do? It is the creative mind of a web developer that makes a site look awesome with an appealing layout design and user-friendly functioning.

Median Salary: $77,990
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 21.7%

10. Dental Hygienist

How is a dental hygienist different from a dentist? While a dentist is responsible for examining and treating all your dental problems, a dental hygienist is responsible for educating and helping patients follow a proper oral hygiene regimen. They instruct patients how to brush and floss their teeth properly. They also provide guidance when it comes to choosing the best product for maintaining dental health.

Median Salary: $69,280
Employment Growth (2010 to 2020): 40%

Dentist With Patient

While the economy was once agriculture based, everything is now industrialized, and technology based. If you carefully observe the jobs mentioned in the aforementioned list, it is pretty evident that these jobs are gaining popularity due to the lifestyle we have today. The health care sector has the maximum number of lucrative job options – courtesy the rise in health problems caused by everyday stress and sedentary lifestyle. Jobs in the information and technology sector are rising due to the tech-savvy environment in today’s world, I mean who can imagine their lives without smartphones, the Internet, and computers? The new living trend has paved way for these careers.

Woman Pharmacist Organizing Medicines
Dentist Man And Assistant Woman
Physical Therapist Using Ultrasound
Visiting Nurse Taking Care Of Patient

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