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Most Dangerous Jobs

Most Dangerous Jobs

You have a demanding boss. Therefore, you think that your job is the only one that requires courage to go through everyday. Think about those people, for whom danger and courage spell their middle name. Read the following CareerStint write-up to know more about some of the most dangerous jobs people undertake, to make a living...
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of the work. This is where the respect and the love and the devotion come in - that we do it to God, to Christ, and that's why we try to do it as beautifully as possible. ~ Mother Teresa

Many of us curse our jobs day in and day out, and think we are stuck with a psychotic boss who comes to office only to make us go crazy. Or maybe some of us feel our jobs lack the thrill and the adrenal rush that will excite and push us over the edge. Well, many jobs do push one over the edge, literally. Through this article, CareerStint thought of giving you a lowdown on some of the most dangerous jobs, that will surely make you appreciate and like your job better.

Top 10 Dangerous Jobs

The world's most life-threatening jobs are those with the highest risk of fatality.

Flight Engineers and Professional Aircraft Pilots: Being at a risk of crash or being hijacked or maybe developing a chronic disease, flight engineers and pilots have a heck of a dangerous job. The flight engineers are supposed to work at run-time, that is, work around gigantic plane parts when they are working! There is a risk of losing a limb or two in this job.

Police Officers and Law Enforcement: Nobody in the world can deny the fact that police officers and law enforcement officers are in the most grievous job. Fighting crime is not an easy task, especially when criminals use ingenious methods to fight back. And most of the deaths of police officers occur not just by a flying bullet, but also motor accidents related deaths in high-speed chases, encounters, knife-stabs and many other inhumane ways.

Refuse and Recyclable Materials Collectors: You maybe wondering what does a refuse and recyclable material collector have to worry about? Well, these men and women put their hands in stuff that will make you faint. They need to separate out the garbage material from hazardous materials. These garbage collectors in developing countries have to separate the wet and dry garbage with just their bare hands. Think about it, separating diapers, sanitary napkins, kitchen waste, industrial waste, paper, card boxes and anything and everything that is termed garbage. They are prone to many infectious diseases and injuries while handling hazardous materials. Hats off to these people who dare to do a job that helps keep our cities clean.

Truck Divers/ Motor Drivers: Driving may seem like a pleasure while you are in your Ferrari, or it may be a fight to reach your destination on time during peak traffic hour. But for these long distance truck drivers it's a matter of life and death. Irregular working hours, poor lighting, fatigue, bad roads (some countries still have potholes in place of roads), poor visibility, harsh weather, add to the risk of driving a heavy vehicle. These drivers spend hours on the road and are always at a risk of getting into an accident. They also have to face vehicle problems like flat tires, engine repair and many other work-related hazards.

Electricians: Electricity is one of the most dangerous stuff to work with and an electrician is always at a risk of getting a shock. Electricians have their lives hanging between the high poles and one live wire that could spell into one electrifying jolt.

Iron Workers and Structural Workers: When we see a beautifully structured, high-rise building, we always tend to praise the architect for envisioning such an elaborate design. But have we ever given a thought to those men who risk their lives to turn the architect's vision into reality? These iron workers and structural steel workers are always at a high risk of death at work. The people in welding jobs, as well as those who carry heavy equipment and steel bars to the top of the buildings, are always at risk of getting a shock, or equipment falling off a building. These brave men fight all odds just to help us spend our lives in our dream homes.

Farmers: The heavy machinery like tractors or backhoes used by farmers and ranchers, may crush people or may run over farmers. Also consider being kicked by a cow who gets tickled when you milk her udder, or getting hit by an angry bull's horn. That's all in day's work for a farmer.

Roofers: One false move and roofers can plunge several feet down to their death. Also, other dangers like high winds, getting picked by a panicky crow or maybe the roof crashing down are a part and parcel of their job! That's one heck of a smashing and dangerous job.

Miners: No matter how precious is the stuff you are mining deep within the earth's belly, it is not more precious than your life and limb. Mine workers are always at a risk of getting trapped underground, running out of oxygen, inhaling toxic gases, humid and unsafe working conditions, etc, which makes mining an extremely dangerous job. Miners truly get down and dirty only for our cars to run on gas and that beautiful diamond on the maiden's finger.

Timber Cutters: Timber cutter or a logger may seem like a simple job to do. Go to the forest in the morning with a sharp ax and try to chop off the trees. It is only then you will realize the level of strength and endurance these people need to exhibit. A timber cutter has to face the deadliest and the sharpest saws available. One wrong move and instead of lumber it's a limb that's cut. Also the risk of death from falling trees is certainly high.

Apart from these jobs there are certain other jobs that require a mention. The job of a war crime reporter, or those who report the natural calamities around the world, also put their lives at stake. The job of a microbiologist is also very high-risk, because they work with the most dangerous viruses and bacteria, and are constantly at a risk of an infection. Volunteers like doctors, nurses, medical workers who choose to offer their services in areas that have highly unstable environment like war waged or hit by an endemic, are also at risk. Those working with unstable compounds and nuclear radiation are at risk of getting radiation burns and developing cancers. Even the factory workers who work in hazardous conditions are also worth mentioning in this list.

These are some of the world's most thrilling jobs that are really dangerous. I am sure by now you must have started to appreciate your job, since you know how many have to risk their lives to get their monthly pay check. Thank God that you only have a nosy boss.

I salute all these unsung heroes who put their lives at stake everyday. And lastly, would like to thank these everyday heroes who help us live our lives in a better and comfortably way.