Modeling Jobs for 13 Year Olds

It is said that the earlier you enter in the modeling world, the better it is. But 13 years seem to be way too early to think of modeling. If you've attained a height and looks that are much sought after in the modeling world. Entering in the fashion world at a tender age of 13 requires you to be aware of several issues in the modeling world.
CareerStint Staff
It is not surprising if teenagers aged 13 to 15 years become excited about entering in the modeling world. The lure of glamor, glitz and fame in the fashion world is irresistible. Success in the fashion world is not too easy to come and hence teenagers must not underestimate the competition. The intent is to make the youngsters aware about the fact that teenage years are the formative years of life and career decisions must not be taken in a hurry. Go through all the points carefully, sit and discuss the issue with your parents and if you really feel you want to be a model, go ahead. But do think, before you take the leap.
Getting Modeling Jobs as a Teenager
Dreams of working in top class TV shows and walking on ramps organized by popular fashion designers is a dream of many youngsters. Certainly, the money and glamor in this field is great but one needs to do the homework before dreaming about any great breakthrough. How to be a model at just 13 years? Is the fashion industry open to youngsters? Well, definitely it is, provided that you have the height, weight and looks that are the essential requirements to make your mark in this field. Why 13 or 14 years age is considered to be appropriate for starting a modeling career? Well, at 13 years of age, the girls body attains a significant height and the face begins to mature. Moreover, entering in the modeling world at a young age helps individuals to understand the nitty-gritty of fashion world so that when they're in their prime age, they can accelerate their career faster.
Achieving the Perfection
The first step you will be required to take while you even dream of getting some modeling jobs is to know your body type. Take a tape and measure your waist, hip, bust and your height. Girls must be at least 5 feet 7 inches to make a lateral entry into the modeling world. Any modeling agency you'll approach will firstly analyze your body proportions. Since 13 years is an age when the body faculties are still growing, don't be over worried about rejections. Casting agencies have years of experience in recognizing and nurturing talented models, so you've got to be confident about everything. Strive to look your best without harming your body. If you have the potential, little imperfections will be handled by the modeling agencies by polishing and training you properly.
Photography Matters
Request your parents to help you get photographed by contacting local photographers. A good camera can work wonders. However, it is not necessary to take professional help. You can request your close friends and even parents to take your photographs. Getting photographed is very important as while building your portfolio, you'll be required to add your head shot photographs and full body photographs.
Find Legitimate Agencies
Once you have been photographed, you need to send your photographs by making a proper portfolio to several agencies. The major fix is to find legitimate agencies. You'll be required to take help of your parents and friends to find legitimate agencies. It is important to get parental permission before you work with any agency. This is because being minors, all legitimate agencies want to ensure that your caretakers and parents are aware about your every move. Most of the offices have fixed time every week during which you can go and submit your photos. Remember that expensive and impressive photography layout doesn't matter. The industry experts will be more interested in your potential as a model rather than your photo layout. Keep everything simple and yet professional. If your profile is shortlisted, the agency will contact you and help you build a good portfolio. If not, you'll have to try at some other agency.
It is highly possible that you may not be able to get full-time work as a fashion model at 13 years of age which is good because at this age, you must not completely quit your studies. Even by working part-time, you can earn some extra cash and continue your studies. As you will get experience in the modeling field, you'll be able to understand if you really want to continue in the same profession. The dark side of fashion industry is something that you must not ignore. While the glamorous lifestyle, money, ravishing clothes and great fame are some of the biggest attractions in the fashion world, long hours of work, grueling schedule and strict diet regimes can leave youngsters in stress.
So don't just get enticed by easy money, glamor, lifestyle and globetrotting life. Be aware of the competition which is fierce and quite demanding. It is great to chase your dreams but be aware of all pros and cons. By doing this, you'll be able to carve a niche for yourself in this field. Part-time modeling jobs can also be in TV commercials, billboard advertising and several other places to advertise products. Having good looks can also help you get to modeling jobs at the launch of automobiles and promotion of products by companies. So you need to keep your eyes and ears open and keep looking for opportunities.