Meeting Minutes Format

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Meeting Minutes Format

Taking down minutes of a meeting is perhaps more important than the meeting itself. This stands true because the implementation of discussion is done using the minutes as reference. If you are responsible for this task, and need a meeting minutes format. You can learn how to design your own, using tips and a template given below.

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Minutes of a meeting, as we all know, are a record of all that was discussed, argued and concluded in a meeting. These minutes are recorded usually by the secretary, and are later summarized and recorded more professionally for approval. Once the recording is complete, these minutes are later sent to all those who attended the meeting, as well as other concerned people, if any. Meeting minutes are very important to an organization. A company spends a lot of time during a meeting, and every single minute is spent on discussing something important; a decision that might influence a lot of people. It is human nature to forget small details that might be important otherwise. For this very reason, the meetings of a minute have such high value. In the paragraphs below, we’ll first learn how you can design your own template. Second, we’ll see a template that implements the points you note. Third, we’ll understand this same template further, through a sample.

How to Design your Own Minutes of Meeting Format

  • First, write down all the basic details you will need for designing the format. These will include things like name of the body holding the meeting, the date, time, location, etc.
  • Now, make a list of people who are expected to be present at the meeting. Ask the person in charge of the meeting for this list or, you can also refer to the minutes of the previous meeting, if this one is in continuation.
  • Agenda of the meeting is the most important aspect of the minutes. Writing down the correct points of discussion is very crucial. Cross-check time and again to be sure that you haven’t missed anything.
  • When a point is discussed, write down only the key points of that discussion. This will help you summarize better. Write down the conclusion attendees arrive at. With the conclusion, you will also have to write the detailed vote. This means who voted in favor of the decision and who voted against it.
  • You must remember that these minutes, once properly drafted, need official approval. For them to be approved, you need to provide all correct details. Remember, only approved minutes can be used as reference material in future.

Template Explaining the Format for Meeting Minutes
*INT stands for initials of people who voted.

[Type of Meeting] Minutes
Date: Time: Location:

Meeting Called By:
Type of Meeting:
Note Taker: Attendees

☐ Name 1: ☐ Name 2:
☐ Name 3: ☐ Name 4:
☐ Name 5: ☐ Name 6:
☐ Name 7: ☐ Name 8:
☐ Name 9: ☐ Name 10:

* Click check box if the person is present. AGENDA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DISCUSSIONS Topic: Comments:




Topic 1:
In charge: Deadline:
Topic 2:
In charge: Deadline:

*Download this template here: Minutes of Meeting Template

Meeting Minutes: Sample Format

Quarterly Creative Department Analysis Meeting Minutes
Date: Time: Location:

Meeting Called By: Mr. James Clark, Director, Communications
Type of Meeting: Quarterly
Facilitator: Mr. Sam Mathew, Creative Director
Note Taker: Miss Rachel Joseph, Secretary to Managing Director Attendees

☑ Name 1: ☑ Name 2:
☑ Name 3: ☑ Name 4:
☑ Name 5: ☑ Name 6:
☒ Name 7: ☒ Name 8:
☑ Name 9: ☑ Name 10:

* Click check box if the person is present. AGENDA 1. To divide the department into specific teams with more specific tasks. 2. To arrange for a workshop that motivates employees and enhances their creativity once every month. 3. Hiring new people to increase output, thus not compromising on current quality standards. 4. To increase concentration on global trends. 5. To start a new department that will handle the company’s profile on social media channels. DISCUSSIONS Topic: Starting a Social Media Department Comments: JC: Social Media has become an important part in the success of a company today and building it adds to the ‘image’ of a company. SS: However, spending on it would be impossible before the next quarter ends. Also, the decision of starting or not must be taken now so as to start hiring. JC: A company’s success isn’t the gift of Social Media though it can definitely help create awareness about the company and thus add to its identity and help us in future. Conclusion: Social Media department starts on 1st week of Q3 and hiring starts in 5th week on Q2.

Vote JC SM


Topic 1: Design an advertisement for hiring Social Media Managers
In charge: Katie Adams Deadline: May 10, 2013
Topic 2: Creating a POA for the Social Media Team
In charge: John Diaz Deadline: May 10, 2013

Other Important Points

  • There might be a lot of points in the meeting that you may not understand. Thus, if you want to take down points efficiently, you need to study the agenda first and do proper homework.
  • Sometimes, people come late and/or leave early for meeting. It is very important that you note these exact timings. This also justifies why certain people didn’t vote.
  • Correspondence is also very important. If you have reports that were considered and/or discussed, the originals of these reports should be attached to the minutes. During the meeting, distribute copies for discussion.

All in all, if you use the tips above, designing your own meeting minutes format is not a tough job to execute. You just need a bit of presence of mind, your small gray cells along with some confidence, and you’re set!

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