Medical Sales Salary

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Medical Sales Salary

Take a look at the following article that enlists all the career opportunities and remuneration of a medical sales representative. Keep reading…

If you are a medical sales representative, you’re your own boss. Medical sales recruiters employ those individuals who have always savored framing a career in medicine, and are willing to promote medicines to pharmacists and doctors. These representatives work in pharmaceutical companies so that they advertise and advance medicines to all medical professionals. If an aspirant holds a degree in marketing in sales management, chances are, he can reach the $200,000 per annum mark in less than five years! Boggled your mind? That’s what the salary figures in the field of medical sales do. Now, you have yet another reason to get into medical sales – the attractive pay scale. Your promotion in this immensely alluring pharmaceutical job will highly depend on how much mobility you depict, how much relevant experience you can flaunt, and how much ability do you have. With that said, let us unveil the most awaited section that pulls out what is the average salary range of medical salesmen.

Pay Scale: An Overview

At the entry-level, medical sales jobs can be a difficult thing to adjust with. The primary duty of a medical sales representative is to make customers interested in the products he has brought to sell, and carry out successful marketing and sales management of the same. It’s an extensive job, due to which, selling a particular line of medical products might take up to several months. However, it is because a successful medical sales executive is adept of all the sales techniques, and knows how to sell well, that the salary range reaches the pinnacle.

Astonishingly, even a biotechnology sales executive, the one who earns the lowest amongst all fields of medical sales, makes cool $125,000 on a yearly basis, which is 40 per cent higher than many other jobs of similar level. On the other hand, the highest medical salesman salary range goes well beyond $200,000 per annum. All things considered, following are the salaries of executives belonging to all fields of medical sales, along with the city they choose to serve in. Take a look at the tabular data presented below:

Stream Approximate Salary (in USD)
Financial Services Sales $202,000
Capital Equipment Sales $166,000
Telemedicine Sales $146,000
Software Sales $138,000
Biotechnology Sales $125,000

While above were approximate figures in accordance with the field an aspirant takes up, the following tabular data represents the top 5 salary ranges with respect to the region a medical sales representative chooses to work in. Take a look.

State/City Approximate Salary (in USD)
Wyoming $235,000
Montana $207,000
Idaho $198,000
Maine $197,000
Vermont $193,000

Nature of Work

A quintessential medical sales representative job profile keys out that a medical sales executive is supposed to visit doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all important medical professionals to make presentations on the medicinal products that are developed by the pharmaceutical company he works in. He arranges appointments with doctors, hospital executives, and manages budgets too. He should be interested in learning about new products, and should always keep chemists in his domain informed about the newest updates.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications

Not only is an aspiring sales representative required to hold a degree in sales and marketing management, he is also required to seek medical sales training from a recognized institution that covers sales and product training. If the aspirant looks forward to make a career in the field, he is required to give the exam conducted by the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in his area, that will fetch him the license to start working.

In a field of medicine such as medical sales, salary range for jobs in all the categories is beyond average. Medicine is, undoubtedly, the most lucrative career an individual can choose. In addition to that, if you believe you’re blessed with good communication skills, and have the ability of convincing people, the field of medical sales is waiting for you with arms wide open.

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