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Marketing Associate Job Description

Marketing Associate Job Description

Being a marketing associate is a challenging position in the marketing department. If you're interested in learning about the jobs and duties entailed in the post, then read the details of the marketing associate job description mentioned below.
Kundan Pandey
A marketing associate is a professional who is responsible for handling various responsibilities and tasks in the marketing department of a company. The numerous facets of the job is to include effective research, planning, advertising, and working under marketing heads to make various campaigns related to the product, a grand success. The designation holds a significant position in a marketing department of a corporate firm, as an associate not only looks after various marketing activities, he also plans effectively to ensure the success of the campaigns.

Job Description
There are various duties and activities related to this job. A marketing associate has to carry out various tasks and some of his responsibilities have been discussed further.

Conduct Market Analysis
A marketing associate is responsible for analyzing the vital characteristics of a market such as the size, growth opportunities, market trends, attractiveness, competitors, pricing, sales activities, prescription analysis, desires, and other features of the market. This analysis comes after deep study and research.

Undertake Marketing Tasks
By collaborating with advertising companies, an associate chalks out marketing strategies to ensure that both electronic and print media are able to enhance the prospects of the success of the products. Right from the placement of advertisements in the newspapers and on websites, a marketing associate looks after each and every task. Moreover, he also coordinates activities related to promotional campaigns through billboard advertising, event management, and other vectors.

Ensure Authentication
The associate has to be proactive in ensuring that information related to the product and its features mentioned in the campaigns are authentic. Moreover, he has to take extreme care that every detail about the product is correct and is as per the regulatory bodies in the industry. This adds a lot of responsibility to this post, as he/she has to be aware of various codes of conduct established by regulatory bodies for marketing products.

Market Planning and Research
Designing marketing plans are not the only things that are important for ensuring the success of a campaign. After analyzing threats and opportunities in the market, effective planning forms an integral part of marketing associate job description. Using various tools, a marketing associate ensures that the time, money, and resources of the organization are used effectively.

Connect to Customers
He is responsible for handling activities and duties related to customer product information. By organizing seminars and events, he has to directly and indirectly inform customers about the effectiveness of products. Making customers familiar with products is also a part of marketing campaigns.

Becoming a Marketing Associate
  • Seek a bachelor's, associate, or postgraduate degree in marketing or a similar business administration. Knowledge about finances and accounts is also important.
  • Work experience or internships during college years helps a lot.
  • Certifications through online degrees while continuing to work, also helps.
  • Must possess effective communication skills.
  • Must be aware of various business etiquette to deal with clients and customers.
  • Excellent ability to handle technology and computers.
  • Must be self motivated.
  • Must possess leadership skills and also must be a good team player.
In the recent years, Internet marketing has evolved as a great tool for advertising products, and so specialties like online marketing have become a rewarding position in many firms. Duties entailed in an online marketing associate job description include handling all issues related to online promotion of the products. A marketing associate's salary range can be anywhere between USD 30,000 to USD 50,000 within one to two years of experience. As one gains work experience and is promoted to a senior positions, prospects of salaries increases to a great extent. Senior marketing associate job description includes nothing, but supervising entire marketing tasks and ensuring their fruitful implementation. Career opportunities in this field are many and if you complete an MBA from a good B-school, hard work can help you to succeed.