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Marine Archaeologist Salary

Marine Archaeologist Salary

Marine archeology is an extremely fascinating field and if you have deep interest in marine life and ecology, it can be your calling. The earning potential isn't very high in this field but it certainly is sufficient to sustain a comfortable living. We will explore more on the salary aspect in this profession in this article.
Kundan Pandey
In the professional world, those who follow off the beaten paths may not always end up becoming very rich financially but they would be the most satisfied individuals on this planet, who gathered all their courage and faced their fears to listen to their hearts and fight with their own hesitations. At the end, they will be remembered for doing things that they always wanted to do, from the bottom of their hearts. Such people are truly liberal in a sense that they transcend their own limitations and manifest their true desires and dreams locked in their souls.. ~ Self

The above lines are cent percent true for marine archaeologists. Being a marine archaeologist presents loads of challenges, both in the professional and personal life. The only reason that archaeologists stick to this difficult profession is sheer passion to work in this enchanting field. Aspirants who're expecting very high marine archaeologist salaries must take this statement with a pinch of salt. Marine archeology, that is one of the types of archeology may not be financially very rewarding as a career. Besides that, it requires years of education (at least doctoral level) to be able to find employment in research institutes and universities. Marine archaeologist may find jobs as teachers, professors and lecturers in variety of oceanography institutes or in research institutions. There is no fixed path or a single route of employment even after a marine archaeologist completes a doctoral degree.

What is the Earning Potential of Marine Archaeologists

Working as interns throughout the career years are very crucial for marine archaeologists to gain an edge during employment years. Since finding employment can be a difficult task in marine archeology; unlike in the law, engineering or traditional medical field, this is not a career for those who're impatient or don't have any interest in marine life. With scope and growth of tourism in various spots located near oceans, it is expected that marine archaeologists can find employment in numerous set ups. Research institutions all across the globe conduct tests and findings in oceans, lakes and seas require talented and skilled archaeologists.

It can be said with sufficient conviction that to be in marine archeology field, it is not only about money. Real adventure, challenging situations and opportunities to travel all across the world are some exciting things about a career in maritime archeology. Majority of the people who work in marine archeology have significant work experience in science fields as that helps them in their work as a marine archaeologist.

It is a fact that the salary of an underwater archaeologist is not very high in the initial years and one has to be in this field for sufficient time to gain success. With increase in work experience, salaries of marine archaeologists increases steadily. Data collected from various sources states that salary during the initial years may start from US$30,000. After sufficient years of work experience, one can gradually be promoted to higher academic and research positions. At the peak of their careers, marine archaeologists can earn as high as US$90,000 or US$100,000. But for that time to come, it takes decades of hard work and dedication.

Marine archeology is an obscure field and scarcity of funds is a problem faced by marine life enthusiasts and scientists. That is why it not a cake walk to find permanent employment in this field. Mostly doctoral students either work as interns or assistants to senior marine archaeologist. Students interested in marine archeology must not be discouraged because of lesser rewards and more work in the initial years, because this field is meant for those who have the spark burning within to do well in marine world. It is also the reason why many marine archaeologists work in various side businesses to supplement their incomes.

If you forget about money for sometime, this field is very interesting, challenging and requires great exploration. Let us hope the field of marine archeology, that is really enthralling will grow to be a popular career option in the coming years.