Manpower Staffing

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Manpower Staffing

Manpower staffing, in management terms, is the process of selecting the right candidate for the right job. This article centers around the aspects and basic procedure involved in it.

Every organization has certain goals for which it exists. These goals are achieved by the people who work for the organization. The people who work for the organization are called the human resources or manpower. When we talk about manpower staffing, we mean appointing the candidates in the organization according to its needs. Each organization has its own staffing system. However, there are certain basic aspects that each of these systems need to follow.

Basic Aspects

What needs to be understood in manpower staffing is the right decision. This decision involves choosing a candidate, with the right qualifications for the right post, who will be involved in meeting the goals of the organization at the right time. Well, what this basically means is that the candidate that is chosen for the post or vacancy should be capable and fully qualified to do the job right. Also, the person should be able to do the job in the given time and in sync with the organization’s goals. Just choosing a qualified person will not necessarily generate results. In order to get the desired results, it is necessary to choose the person with capability as well as qualifications.

 A streak to put the organization’s goals ahead of personal goals is also admired and considered here. This is the reason why manpower staffing is a very important function of human resource management. Thus, recruitment or selection of candidates is not an easy job, and should not be taken lightly. It takes time and efforts to find the right candidate, and it also takes efforts to retain the candidate in that position. Besides all these factors, the other aspects such as employee motivation, employee training and development, as well as employee retention are also considered. Let us now proceed to look at the procedure involved in the selection process.


Manpower staffing can never work alone; manpower planning is required to start its process. This includes planning the human resources need of the organization. In management terms, this process is also known as human resources planning or personnel management. The following aspects need to be analyzed in the planning process:

  • Analysis of the current employees of the organization
  • Computation of the future required manpower for the organization
  • Development of the existing employees
  • Planning the employee training requirements of the existing workforce
  • Planning for the future needs of the organization

Based on these plans, the process of staffing takes place. Let us understand the actual procedure now.

  • Taking into consideration the future requirements and the current human resources, the organization plans about which kind of people to hire, the posts for which these people are to be hired, the duration within which they are to be hired, and the general human resource management.
  • If there are certain likely candidates who fit the bill of the position, then the organization needs to consider their candidature, too. A point to remember here is that, if people within the organization are promoted, then the organization needs to hire people to fill up the gaps created due to such promotions.
  • Once it is ascertained how many people are to be hired, and for which posts, the hunt for manpower begins.
  • A consultant could be hired to enable the organization to find the right people for the right job.
  • The applications are invited, they are screened, and people who do not suit the needs are eliminated. The selected ones are interviewed, and if everything is satisfactory, they are hired.
  • The entire procedure does not end here. The selected people need to be trained, and need to be introduced to the goals of the organization, for the satisfaction of which, these people are hired.
  • Once they start off with their work, they need to be monitored for productivity. It is important to monitor the employee performance to ensure that they are achieving the organizational goals.

Remember, manpower planning and staffing should not be confused with recruitment; recruitment is just a part of it.

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