Makeup Artist Resume Sample

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Makeup Artist Resume Sample

Are you an aspiring makeup artist? If yes, then you need to learn how to draft a good resume. Use the sample given in this CareerStint article as a guideline for your needs.

While writing a resume, whichever job you are applying for, the things that you need to pay attention to, remain more or less the same. Your experience, educational qualifications, and skill set are some of the most important things that you will need to focus on. Always focus on the three categories mentioned earlier. Keep the tone of the resume formal and professional. Try to be brief. A long, elaborate resume can often be discarded.

Drafting a Resume

While drafting a resume, the first thing that you need to concentrate on is what your objective is. This determines the purpose of your resume, which is very important. When a professional from the human resources department shuffles through the many applications he receives, a well written and precise objective can grab his attention. Next, it is important to pay attention to the qualifications you put. Always list out your qualifications and concentrate on the skills. A well drafted skill set will tell your prospective employer, exactly how you would suit the job at hand.

As a makeup artist, your work experience will determine not only the kind of jobs that come your way but also the salary range that you fit into. An apprentice will definitely not get the same kind of work that an established professional will. Therefore, it is important that you focus your attention on your work experience. List out every duty that you were responsible for at your workplace. This helps focus on your different capabilities. If you have done a degree or diploma in your field of interest, then it is important to make sure that your educational qualifications are highlighted in your resume.

A resume should also have your contact information. If you deem it necessary you can offer to include reference letters with the resume. If you do so, then provide your prospective employers with contact information for your references as well. When you are sending out the resume, you may decide to send out a cover letter as an accompaniment.


Jennifer Kingsley
834, Elm Street
Clover County, USA – 3842
Home: (978) 696-0897
Cell: (860) 089-9786


To gain employment as a senior makeup artist.


  • Talented makeup artist with an experience of more than five years in the industry.
  • Good communication skills which make interpretation of job at hand, ideating with clients, and providing them with accurate representations of what they want.
  • Good knowledge of advanced artistry in the field, and ability to stay ahead of the curve where latest trends are concerned.
  • An ability to multitask, and manage several projects at once in an industry where time is of utmost concern.
  • An in-depth understanding of lighting, camera angles, and impact of special effects on makeup.


Studio 18, Minneapolis
2005 – Present


  • Clarification of all requirements that clients have after a proper discussion.
  • Research of the look required according to the demands of the script.
  • Ascertaining the budget for meeting the visual requirements of the script.
  • Discussions with the production team, cast, and crew to finalize the looks for the project at hand.
  • Assigning members of the makeup team to different cast members and determining, in coordination with the design team, that no look is incongruous.
  • Maintaining a log book and portfolio of the various looks and styles for different projects.
  • Development of prosthetics and manipulation of hairpieces and wigs.
  • Knowledge of the best suppliers for the various products for makeup and hairstyling needed for various projects.

Educational Qualifications:

B.A., University of Minneapolis, 2004
Diploma in Cosmetology, Galaxy Cosmetology School, 2005

There is no set method that can help you learn to write a good resume. Just follow all the tips given in the article, and focus on the qualifications that make you a capable candidate for the position at hand, and you should have no problem drafting a good resume for yourself.

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