Maintenance Supervisor Resume

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Maintenance Supervisor Resume

Are you looking for the correct format for a resume of a maintenance supervisor? In this article, we tell you how to draft a resume for this capacity.

Depending on where he is working, the duties of a maintenance supervisor can vary greatly. From supervision of the jobs going on at any given point of time and ensuring that maintenance crew of the building does a good job to being accountable for different things like maintenance, painting of the building, repairs of any and every kind, temperature control of the buildings that he is looking after, these are just some of the many things that a maintenance supervisor can be responsible for. This is the reason why, when drafting a resume, you need to be sure of the duties and responsibilities that the job of a supervisor entails. A maintenance supervisor has an extremely important job as he is responsible for the implementation of a maintenance program.

In this CareerStint article, we focus our attention on a resume for a building maintenance supervisor. As a building maintenance supervisor, you need to be a jack of all trades. You need to have appropriate knowledge about several different things including carpentry (for both residential and commercial properties), masonry, electrical trade, plumbing, and painting. You will also need to understand the different rules and regulations, practices and methods that need to be in place, and have a thorough knowledge of the tools that should be used for maintenance and service in a building. Supervisor duties also includes being able to maintain working relationships with not only the maintenance crew but also the people residing and working in the building.

Sample Resume for a Maintenance Supervisor

Referring to a template will allow you to understand what the proper format is, but with a sample, not only do you understand the format but also get to learn what the proper language for the resume should be. With the help of the sample given below, both entry-level supervisors and people with experience can draft their resumes.

Joseph Ray Green
342, West Street
Hebudah, New Jersey
New York – 546 544

To obtain a position that will utilize my experience in the field of maintenance and reward me with a challenging position. The experience that I possess will ensure that I strive towards serving clients and customers better and ensure that the service department works effectively, Achieving job satisfaction, gaining knowledge and growth are the key elements of my long term objective.

Qualification Summary
Regardless of the position in question, I am a loyal, dedicated, and trustworthy person who strives to serve the customer better. I possess a strong knowledge of the regulations and practices involved in maintenance supervision. Experience in employee supervision, work assignment, planning, hands-on work, and training maintenance crew. Procedural and policy knowledge and an experience in working with different types of materials, equipment, and supplies needed for operational work in a building. Knack for attention to detail and very good time management and organizational skills.

Work Experience
Trump Apartment Builders
Hebudah, New Jersey
Maintenance Supervisor
From August 2005 till date

  • Responsible for determining schedule and allocating work to maintenance crew and staff.
  • Responsible for any hiring or termination of maintenance crew.
  • Responsible for monitoring and ensuring smooth operation of projects, implementation of modifications, recommendation of specifications, improvement of contracts, inspection of work done, and negotiation of costs.
  • Responsible for placing orders for materials and supplies and tracking expenditure.

High School Diploma
JFK High School
GPA 3.0
May, 2004

As must be obvious from the sample given in this article, you must have figured out that responsibilities of a supervisor are many and varied. From being a hands-on supervisor responsible for day-to-day functioning to being in a supervisory role responsible for ensuring that the work is done properly, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job. The salary of a maintenance supervisor depends on not only what the job entails but also the experience that you have. A well-drafted resume ensures that your experience and capabilities are put forward well.

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