Machinist Job Description

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Machinist Job Description

The machinist job description consists of tasks that are related to manufacturing precision tools and equipment, which are intended for use in other machines.

Out of the many career opportunities in the technical manufacturing industry, the job of a machinist is one of the most prominent. He is a professional who is an expert in handling production of precision tools and equipment using his skills and expertise. The services that he provides are typically required by companies from the manufacturing and production industry.

Job Responsibilities

Generally, there are three types of machinists working in the manufacturing sector today, namely production, precision, and maintenance machinists. Each role has its own share of responsibilities and tasks. However, there are some duties that may be common for all these technical experts.

Machinists are proficient in properties of metals and in using shaping machines, milling equipment, and grinders for manufacturing precision metal parts. The best examples of components that these professionals make are nuts, bolts, vehicle pistons, and other precision parts. Before they start working, they study and understand the specifications and computerized blueprints for the project.

After learning what the task entails, they choose the appropriate tools and equipment for operations, decide a schedule and pattern for cutting and working on metals, and perform any other related tasks. They cut and modify the metals, pay attention to the temperature of the metals while being operated in the shaping machines, and mold them according to the specifications.

Once the task is complete, they employ measuring equipment to assess the level of accuracy of the manufactured components. Nowadays, these professionals have to be well versed in operating computerized equipment that work on raw metals and finishing precision parts. They may also be handed over the responsibility of maintaining the proper functioning of the tools and equipment in the production facility.

A maintenance machinist has to repair operating parts and replace defunct components of machines. These professionals are required to be abreast with the latest technologies of manufacturing precision parts, which use lasers and water jets for operations. The job description relates to all production work using technical aspects, as well as physical capabilities.

Average Salary Range

Classification by Years of Experience

1 – 4 years: USD 26,000 to USD 49,000
5 – 9 years: USD 30,000 to USD 56,000
10 – 19 years: USD 36,000 to USD 54,000
20 or more years: USD 49,000 to USD 81,000

Classification by State

Minnesota: USD 47,000 to USD 74,000
Illinois: USD 25,000 to USD 63,000
New York: USD 41,000 to USD 58,000
California: USD 50,000 to USD 91,000

Classification by Industry

Precision Machined Product Manufacturing: USD 36,000 to USD 61,000
Aerospace and Defense: USD 39,000 to USD 87,000
Steel and Metal Manufacturing: USD 37,000 to USD 72,000
Machinery and Tools Manufacturing: USD 32,000 to USD 51,000

Classification by Type of Employer

Manufacturing Company: USD 37,000 to USD 61,000
Federal Government Facility: USD 25,000 to USD 41,000
State or Local Government Facility: USD 37,000 to USD 88,000
Self-employed: USD 41,000 to USD 52,000

If you are planning to become a machinist, you need to be a technically inclined person. For carrying out the tasks, you need to have skills such as craftsmanship, a good attention to specific detail, understanding blueprints, finding out irregularities, etc. With technical education and trainings, you also need a good amount of on-the-job work experience to excel in this career.

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