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A Purely Fabulous List of Careers That Help People

List of Careers that Help People
Most of us, ever so often, yearn to perform a selfless act of service for our community. Then there are some who effortlessly turn it into a career. Here are a few career options for those who wish to do their bit for the betterment of society.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 11, 2018
There's hardly anything that can replace the feeling of contentment, which an act of kindness provides. Benevolence that comes without an ulterior motive is truly hard to find in our world today. The tiniest demonstration of service is done with one eye on the prize; be it in terms of monetary remuneration, or any personal gain. Not strangely, then, any random good deed surely takes us by surprise, and leaves us wondering about the motive behind it.
On the other hand, there are some vocations that require kindness as an attribute on an applicant's resume. Of course, kindness is a quality that transcends professions. But when we consider its much-too-rare appearance these days, catching glimpses of it in this money-driven world restores some of that long-lost faith in humanity. These vocations are humanity-centric, and thrive on making a positive difference in the world.
Careers That Assist Others
Devoting your life to helping others is quite a dedicated way of living and it is definitely admirable. There are many professionals out there on whom we depend on greatly, not only for our basic necessities but also for a sense of security. There are still others who go out of their way to make life easier for others.
Medical and Healthcare Professionals
When you pick the medical profession as your field of choice, it automatically brings with it a huge amount of responsibility, not to mention endless years of hard work. From the time you begin preparing for medical school, until you start your practice, single-minded dedication to work is what will make your career a success. Working in the medical profession in any capacity includes bettering human health. While it may not involve saving lives on a daily basis, you are expected to strive towards improving the quality of life, every step of the way. Even an administrative role in this field will give you ample opportunities to influence decisions which can make healthcare accessible and affordable, within the legal framework. If you think you are cut out for a career in the medical field, it will provide you with ample satisfaction on all fronts; be it intellectual, monetary, and of course, spiritual as well.
Senior Woman Undergoing Finger Therapy
Physical Therapist Consoling Patient
Police/Defense Services
It won't be too wrong to say that being in the police force or defense services is every little boy's dream. Few of these young men (and now, women too) grow up to realize this dream and end up serving their country in the best manner possible. A truly coveted vocation, these professionals perform the noble duty of protecting their fellow citizens. Being a part of this field involves tremendous strength of character, which only stems from a fervent desire to serve the nation, and humanity as a whole. Once you enter the services, erratic work timings and battlefield postings may seem petty compared to the human depravity that one gets to experience, first-hand. You need to be made up of sterner stuff to handle the intensity that comes with being a vigilante. Of course, when we look at it in a broader perspective, we can only aspire for a world that does not need policing, but until that happens, we simply leave our lives in the trusted hands of these faithfuls.
French Police
Delhi Police
Firefighters around the world lead a very diligent, yet discreet existence until the events of 9/11 brought them into the spotlight. Firefighters deal with emergency situations on a day-to-day basis; sometimes even risking their lives on account of sheer human negligence. Firemen come to our rescue when a backyard barbecue flares up horribly, or when a candlelit dinner engulfs the entire house in flames. Yes, they may not be arresting the goons or gunning down terrorists, but their noble work covers up our stupidity in most cases, as emergency situations are hardly triggered magically.
Firefighters In Action
Firefighters With Water And Hose
Animal Welfare Professionals
Not a lot of people consider this profession to be seriously "helpful" in certain ways. Animal care professionals and animal rights activists are representatives of the world's non-human population, a group that we tend to use and abuse to our liking. Veterinarians ensure a healthy life for our pets, and provide a dignified end for animals in suffering. There are special personnel who train dogs for Search and Rescue operations, along with training them to assist the elderly or the disabled. Then there are animal conservationists who are doing their bit to make sure that our future generations know what our fellow Earthlings look like for real, and not as exhibits in natural history museums. Who said demonstrations of kindness should only be restricted to humans?
Veterinary Surgeon Vaccinating German Shepherd
Veterinarians Holding Syringes And Bottles
Social Workers
Social Workers
The term 'social worker' may sound very generic, but it does encompass a wide range of community services that are performed by individuals on a professional or voluntary basis. Social work, today, is a far cry from the days when it used to be an afternoon pastime of the rich and famous. Now, paired with social networking, it has become very easy to find something that lets you contribute to society, be it by setting up a blood donation camp, or helping the underprivileged. Those who are born with a flair for organizing, coordinating, and a passion to make things better can work wonders in the field of social work. This vocation is perfect for people who value compassion over monetary rewards.
The teaching profession is as old as humanity itself, and perhaps the most noble as well. It is true when we say that teachers build the future, which makes this a coveted profession to belong to. Education can be an ideal tool to empower people, and raise an independent nation. Teachers today bear the responsibility of imparting correct knowledge, which is not only academic, but moral as well. There are times when the line between teaching and parenting blurs, with teachers often holding the reins to tomorrow's outcome.
Teacher Helping Pupils During Class
Teacher In Classroom
Flight Attendants
This vocation is often seen as the one that pays you for jet-setting around the world. Well, it does, but the jet-setting part is riddled with responsibilities that include emergency passenger evacuation, in-flight firefighting, survival in a jungle/at sea/in a desert, first aid, CPR, emergency landing procedures, and overall security. Flight attendants are a part of the service industry, with passenger safety topping their long list of duties. In the past few years, several airlines have come under attack from terrorist organizations, or experienced unfortunate mishaps. The people who handled such adversities have invariably been the cabin crew, proving that this profession goes beyond the regular norms of the service industry.
Counselors and Therapists
The importance of counselors and therapists has increased manifold in the past few decades, owing to the increasing complexity of human lifestyle. As people begin the ruthless pursuit of their ambitions, they deprive themselves of friendship and bonding, leading to loneliness that cannot be mollified by hundreds of online friends. People find it easier to trust the anonymity of therapy, and rely on these experts to get their lives back on track. Occupational therapists may specialize in assisting children, the elderly, terminally ill patients, or people with permanent disabilities. Along with the required academic qualifications, this profession demands a deep-rooted ability to empathize with people, and become a source of support.
Human Resource Personnel
If you wish to be a part of the corporate setup, and still make a direct contribution to the betterment of society, the human resource department would be your best bet. HR personnel work as a liaison between the management and the employees. They address the queries and grievances of the employees, and have to ensure that the work environment remains healthy. Employee recruitment and welfare is overseen by the HR department, along with resolving labor feuds. HR managers have to come up with innovative techniques to boost the morale of the employees, and ensure an increase in the productivity.
Fitness Trainers
Fitness Trainers
There is no doubting the fact that fitness trainers and nutritionists are doing us a big, huge favor. In this world where the "in thing" alternates between either being skin-and-bone or being plus-sized, these people urge us to take the middle path using healthy means. Keeping people off their favorite food and urging them to get fit is not an easy task, and it is no wonder that these people charge a fortune for their services. These people remind us to do the right thing in terms of maintaining our health, and help us improve our lifestyle.
Young Athletic Woman
Everyone has their own list of priorities when it comes to choosing the right career. While money may be the motivational force for many, there are several others who wish to positively contribute to the society. Besides the occupations listed above, it is necessary to reinstate the fact that every profession contributes to the betterment of humanity in some manner or the other. As an individual, it is important for each one of us to put in efforts to make our world a better place.
Female Nurse With Senior Woman Patient
Police Officers On Alert
Vet And Intern Examining Border Collie
Caring Nurses
Personal Trainer
Firefighters On Ladder