Librarian Salary

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Librarian Salary

The income of a librarian depends on a number of factors, of which educational qualifications and experience, along with the size of the organization that provides employment are the most important ones.

A librarian is a professional who has received training in the field of organization and management of libraries or information centers. To become a librarian, one needs to have certain basic qualifications, like a master’s degree in library science from an institution accredited by the American Library Association, along with computer skills, organization skills, and effective communication skills. A Bachelor’s degree in library science may also help in getting a job in certain places, like school libraries. But for a better prospect, it is advisable to get a Master’s degree in the subject.

How Much Does a Librarian Earn?

Usually, librarians get jobs in public and academic libraries, schools, museums, universities, government agencies, law firms, and also in medical centers and laboratories.

The salary of a librarian depends on many factors, of which the most important one is his experience. It also depends on the type and the size of the organization providing employment. Even the particular area of specialization can be an important factor that can determine the salary of a librarian. In addition to these, his earnings can also differ from one location to another.

It has been observed that the average salary of librarians in the United States is around USD 50,000 per annum. More commonly, the salary can be somewhere between USD 33,000 to more than USD 81,000. But, most librarians can expect to earn around USD 50,000 per annum or slightly higher than that. With experience, they can definitely expect a rise in this figure. Usually, librarians holding good administrative positions have been observed to earn better salaries. The same thing has also been observed in the case of those with advanced degrees.

What Does a Librarian Do?

The main duty of a librarian is to manage the information center or the library effectively. Librarians are responsible for maintaining an environment conducive for learning, while providing all the necessary facilities to the readers or the users.

In general, a librarian is assigned the job of handling almost all aspects of the library, which include administrative responsibilities, the selection and purchase of books, journals, and other materials, and their arrangement in a proper way so that the users can find them easily. In addition to these, he has to oversee the planning, coordination, and the management of the information center.

Basically, a librarian is concerned with providing three types of services – user service, technical service, and administrative service. In some places, he has to specialize in any of these three areas. A librarian specialized in user service deals with the users directly, and assists them in finding the appropriate information. If he has specialized in providing technical services, then his job is to acquire, prepare, and classify the materials in a manner that the users can find them easily.

But if he has specialized in administrative services, then he has to take up the planning and managerial responsibilities. He is responsible for providing the materials and services, preparing budgets, fundraising, establishing long-term goals, and supervising all the functions of the information center and its employees.

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