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Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is usually sent to prospective employers who are hiring, but who have not specified a particular job opening which to apply for. Having said that, it can also be sent in response to a job opening. It is kind of a cover letter, and is also known as a 'prospecting letter'.
Sheeba Nambiar
Writing a letter of interest is the first step towards getting a job. This is when you get your first chance to impress your prospective employer. Obviously, other than you, there will be hundreds of applicants for the same job.

So then, how do you make sure that you get noticed, and get the chance to appear for the interview to present your case? The answer is, by writing a letter expressing your interest to work for the company. Only expressing your interest is not enough though. Citing the reasons why you are interested and how you can be a valuable asset to the company are also imperative. Take a look at the recommended format and sample letter of interest below, and make one for yourself.
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Dear _______,

First Paragraph: State the reason of your interest in the profile or the company, and why you wish to pursue employment with this company. Ensure that you mention the name of the reference, such as a classified, a referral from an existing employee, or a media article.

Second Paragraph: State your qualifications. If you're interested in a particular job, then state the relevant qualification and experience more specifically. List your achievements, and mention your strengths and skills.

Last Paragraph: Thank the individual for his/her time in considering your interest. Mention the exact time you'd contact them over the phone to follow-up on the letter. Although you've given your contact number in the letter, you must particularly mention how they can contact you.

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402 Charles Street
North Perth
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Phone: (517) 982-6930

20th September, 2010

Prof. David Bradley
Fletcher Street
Ann Arbor
MI 48109-1050

Subject: Interested in the Position for History Teacher

Dear Prof. Bradley,

This letter is to express my interest in obtaining the teaching position available at Addison High School. I have recently completed two undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan, and I exhibit many traits and qualities that an excellent teacher must possess. I graduated with the highest academic honor, and have received the Faculty Excellence Award in Secondary Education. These achievements illustrate my academic excellence in all areas, including instructional technology and educational psychology. I believe I am a highly qualified candidate for the teaching position at school District.

With the help of my student teaching internship at Algol Christian School, I have become much aware of my strengths in teaching and motivating students using various methods, conveying my thorough content knowledge to the students, designing instructional activities to suit the students' intellect and needs, depending on the student. I have also been a resident assistant at the university from June 2011 - August 2013. As a resident assistant, I obtained the opportunity to interact with diverse population of students, and it helped me in enhancing my knowledge and skills as an educator. My communication with students outside the academic classroom reflects my interests in extracurricular activities as well.

A visit to your high school along with the parents of a student at your school, and a visit during my internship, allowed me to observe and interact with many classes of your High School, and what I witnessed is the supportive learning environment that allows the students and staff to learn and grow. I believe that your school will not only give justice to my skills and talent, but also provide me with the opportunity to cultivate new and improved skills in teaching and learning. I have enclosed my resume and all other relevant documents, and I would be elated to get the opportunity to interview for this position. You can contact me over the phone or through email. My contact details are mentioned above.

Thank you for your time and for considering me for this position.


Rebeca Patinson