Letter of Interest Format

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Letter of Interest Format

The letter of interest is enclosed along with the resume, to introduce the employer to the applicant seeking the job. In this article, we will know about the letter of interest format, which will help us write it better.

Writing is an art, and we all encounter situations when we have to write letters for our jobs. Our writing skills are best tested if we have to write the letter of interest. This is just like the cover letters, wherein, the potential employee gives his introduction to the prospective employers. If it is good enough, it can make a world of difference for the employee, as it decides if the employee will get the job or not. On that note, a letter of interest format is provided to you in this article.

Steps to be Followed

Step 1

Ensure that whatever you write answers all the queries of the prospective employer. In the beginning paragraph, you are expected to mention how you found about the position. What was the source of information for the job? Was it a newspaper, online website, or through some friend’s reference? Mentioning about the post of the vacancy and other job details will surely help you to create a good impression, as the employer will be aware that you have taken pains to know about the details of the job.

Step 2

In the second paragraph, you have to market yourself. Yes, mention about your unique strengths and talents, which make you the best choice for the job. You can highlight some of your past credentials in this paragraph. In case, you don’t have work experience in some particular area, then tell about your education and how it can help you to meet the challenges of the job, if you are hired.

Step 3

In the third and fourth paragraph, you have to conclude. If you have some extra qualifications and achievements, then you can briefly mention them in the third paragraph. While concluding, don’t forget to ask for an interview schedule. If possible, mention the dates when you can come for the interview, however, let them be the final decision makers in the matters of date, concerning the interview. Lastly, don’t forget to thank them for their valuable time and effort to read the letter.


The format must be correct, as it can cast a good impression on the prospective employer. For example, proper formatting, with date, address, and other details in proper order is essential.

Address of the Employee
233, Clifford Road,

Date: 23rd June, 2010

Address of the Employer
Employment Agency Services,
Kansas Corporations Pvt. Ltd.
Department of Human Resources,
Kansas, USA

Sir/Madam Recruiter (if you know the name of the authority, then write it)

I feel great pleasure to apply for the position of human resource assistant in your department. I got the information about this job by visiting your website.

As you will see in my enclosed resume, I have a background in business administration, and I have worked for two years as human resource manager assistant. Besides this, I have worked as an intern in various firms at clerical positions. I have learned the virtues of hard work, honesty, and dedication from my previous jobs.

As your employee, I would love to work hard and learn new skills. I would ensure that people who are concerned with my department get full cooperation and support from me. I would love to work with Kansas Corporations Pvt. Ltd. You can call me on (XXXXXXX) to schedule an interview at your convenience. Thank you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Name of the person (employee)


  • You must mention the name and address correctly. Moreover, the telephone number must be correct, as the employer may use it frequently to communicate with you, about the interview details.
  • Another important tip is, don’t hand write your letter. Since you are applying for a job, the employer will be expecting professionalism from your side. Always ensure that the font is bold and distinct. Avoid using photocopied pages.
  • Don’t make it similar to the resume, it would be the worst thing to do. Make a separate copy of the resume.
  • This letter is just a synopsis of yourself. Avoid repetitions, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes completely. Check what you have written, and take your time to correct the errors.
  • After having written, proofread or ask your friends to do it for you. Make sure that there are no careless mistakes.
  • Last but not the least, be polite and honest. Don’t exaggerate anything, and don’t forget to sign.

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