Leave Letter Format

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Leave Letter Format

Contrary to the common belief, a leave letter is one of the smallest version of formal letters. Browse through this article for a ready-to-use leave application template.

Sometimes, personal reasons are likely to keep us away from our workplace. In such a scenario, your boss should know about your intention of taking a leave. Leave letters act as a notification of your leave and should be written in a few words to convey your upcoming absenteeism at work. Here is a template to help you draft them.

Important Note
A subject line is a must, since it helps to identify the purpose of your letter at a glance.

Letter Template

Applicant’s Name
Employee code:


Name of Addressee
HR Department
Name of Company

Application for Leave

Dear sir/madam,
I request you to permit me to take a leave from work between (start date) and (end date). The reason for this leave is (specify reason). I assure you that I will complete my pending work as soon as I come back on (specify the date).

Thank you very much for your consideration of this matter.

Applicant’s Name

Hints for Writing

  • Begin the letter with your complete name, address, and employee code.
  • Include the date of your leave application correctly.
  • The letter is most often addressed to your reporting head or the human resource manager. Whoever you address this letter to, make sure that you write their position and company’s name as well.
  • Next, use salutations such as ‘Dear sir/madam’ or ‘Dear Mr./Ms. (last name)’.
  • The letter contains just one paragraph. Avoid including too many details about your leave in it. The shortest explanations acceptable to your manager might be personal reasons, family emergency, health reasons, family vacation, leave for examination, etc. Check your company’s work manual to get a list of leaves that are permitted as per company’s policies. Specifically mention the start and end date of your leave. Assure your manager that you will be back at work after the permitted leave and will make up for the loss of work time.
  • Thank the manager for sparing time to read your letter and/or for approving your leave.
  • End the letter with ‘Sincerely’, followed by your signature and full name.

So this was all about writing the perfect leave letter. By replacing a few words here and there, this template can turn into your very own leave application.

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