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Leasing Agent Resume

Leasing Agent Resume

Wondering how to make a resume for a leasing agent? Find it here along with a sample and standard format. Take a look...
Torque Earnest
Write a resume in such a way that you attract the employer, and highlight your strongest points that are most suited for the job. You do not require great writing skills for making a resume but just need to be aware of your 'saleable' qualities to stand out among the rest. If you are a leasing agent, the following format will definitely help you.

Leasing Agent Resume

Details: This section of the resume is the header, and should have your name and contact details clearly highlighted. Use a simple and clear font face. Do not make any kind of decoration. It also should have your home and email address .

Career History: As the name suggests, this section should have your employment or business history in short. Note that the information has to be presented in the reverse chronological order. That means, the latest employment details come first. You can mention your achievements too.

Skills: While penning this section, keep in mind that salary negotiation during interview will depend on what impression you have made through your resume. So, be sure to highlight your strengths while listing your skills.

References: You can provide contact details (phone numbers and email address) of people you have worked with. It is advisable to not write 'available on request' here.

Sample Resume

Torque Earnest
Rihanna Apartments, Salvadore Society
United States of America
Cell. 787 0000 787

Career History

Chief Broker, Torque Realtors, Washington (2009 - 2007).

Headed the real estate negotiations department, and was responsible for chalking out training programs for the newly employed brokers.

Leasing Agent, Earnest Brokers, New York (2007 - 2005).

Apart from real estate marketing and planning, was responsible for documentation and record keeping of the customer details, and keeping track of the lease renewal dates.

  • Abreast with the recent changes and trends of leasing.
  • Efficient and possess good communication skills.
  • Capable of making documents and drafting contracts.
  • Possess sound knowledge in marketing.

Kingsley Ernest
CEO, Torque Realtors

Ruby Mathew
Vice President, Earnest Brokers
New York

Remo Schumacher
Manager, Earnest Brokers
New York

So this was a format of a resume for a leasing agent. Now that you know how to make one, I wish you all the best with the career opportunities in this field.