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Lawyer Resume Sample

Lawyer Resume Sample

If you are looking for a resume sample for a lawyer's profile, then you have landed on the right page. The following article will provide important information which will guide you for drafting your own resume.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Being a lawyer is an honorable profession, wherein a person studies law and earns a license to practice it. One needs to get a bachelor's degree before getting into a law school. Also, he needs to be reliable, active, energetic and must be a logical thinker. He should also have a good sense of judgment, and complete knowledge about various laws. His resume should reflect his qualifications as well as qualities. Thus, a lawyer's resume should be a well-organized and structured document, that will impress the clients.

Elements of the Resume

A lawyer is a representative of a client in the court of law. He is also the legal adviser of his clients, and thus needs to share a professional relationship with them. A lawyer needs to undertake various responsibilities of documentation for his clients, and should also maintain his own personal records. He needs to be excellent in the development and delivery of factual information. These skills need to be highlighted in the resume. It should also speak about his achievements and experience.

The resume should have an impressive 'objective' that will convey the purpose for securing the new job opportunity. The objective should clearly state your intention and interest in getting the job. The resume should also include statements that will help bring out your abilities as a lawyer. Through your resume, you need to present yourself as a capable individual with a sound knowledge of law.

The resume should also include the experience section that is written in the form of bullets. You need to clearly state about your past accomplishments and successful cases. You should also mention all the other related legal jobs that you undertake like documentation, report writing, etc. But make sure you do not copy an online sample as it is. It will prove to be a disaster. The following template will help you draft your resume with an ease and will also ensure that it is in a proper format.


A lawyer's resume should be to the point and not very long. It should be able to convey important information in a precise way.

Contact Information
Your full name
Permanent address
Telephone number
Email address

The objective statement needs to be short and specific. It should mention the position, industry and skills in short.

The summary should be of minimum three and maximum ten bullet points. It should mention about the skills and experience earned over a period of time. For example:

Raymond & Stanfield, Amyfield, Mayfair
  • Paralegal, January 2005 - February 2007
  • Legal Secretary, January 2005 - March 2003
  • Experience in the areas of real estate, litigation, corporate and employee benefits
You need to state your educational qualifications in a reverse chronological order. It should include your degree(s) and the subject(s) of specialization. It should also mention the date of graduation with month and year, name and location of universities attended, and finally the certifications or licenses that are related to your degree.

You need to mention all your professional skills and strengths that will explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

Your resume should be able to highlight your skills and achievements. Never ever provide fake details or information on your resume. You can refer to the various samples on Internet, and draft your own effective and persuasive resume.