Kindergarten Teacher Salary

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Kindergarten Teacher Salary

The salary of a KG teacher is not the sole criteria for prospective teachers who wish to make a career in the profession of teaching. Read this article to know more about the same.

Teaching is one of the most respected and recognized professions. Not many teachers give too much importance to salaries, as the satisfaction derived from teaching is beyond any materialistic achievement. Nonetheless, in recent years, teaching has evolved itself in many forms and the salaries have risen drastically. So, if anyone aspires to be a teacher in today’s day and age, then probably he/she can be sure of some great career opportunities.

Of late, salaries of teachers, be it kindergarten, pre-schools, elementary, or middle school, have made headlines in the newspapers, with the teachers’ unions demanding a hike in salaries. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, two prime bodies governing the issues of teachers, have always been in the news, as negotiators between teachers and schools/colleges for salaries and other terms of employment.

Job Description

‘Child is the father of man’, and kindergarten children are a testament to this fact. The social development of children in the initial years of schooling is extremely essential. Teaching kindergarten kids is, in fact, most challenging because it requires loads of patience and a love for children. For teachers, it’s always a new day with loads of fun, challenges, and work. These teachers are entrusted with the responsibility of introducing the young brains to academic subjects like mathematics, languages, sciences, and social studies. The teaching methodologies may include colored books, phonic numbers, films, computers, visual arts, music, and other basic tools. What else can be more challenging than shaping the future of a nation and world, by educating children?

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements for being a kindergarten teacher differ for every state. While public school teachers must have a license, after attaining a bachelor’s degree, and passing a teacher approval program, private schools are exempted from the licenses. However, this may vary for every state. Certain states have different programs for such teachers. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement in many cases.

Average Salary

Kindergarten teacher salaries depend on various factors like the type of school (public or private) and its location. These two factors majorly effect the average salary. The annual wages of teachers lie in the range of USD 35,000 to USD 50,000.

The highest 10% earned more than USD 50,000 owing to their work experience and better job offers. The salary, though convincing, can seem less to some prospective teachers. However, some schools help teachers by giving them extra perks in the form of insurance covers and other benefits. But that is solely dependent on the individual school policies and procedures.

Teachers can increase their income by coaching and assisting students in extracurricular activities. Besides that, they can clear a national level teacher’s exam that can ensure better pay scales in schools. Some private schools also provide housing benefits to the teachers.

Being a kindergarten teacher is more than being a teacher, as they are future citizens who will shape society and help in the growth of society. The career development path for kindergarten teachers is full of growth opportunities, and with an increase in work experience, one can move on to become senior teachers and handle larger responsibilities in the school management. The salary must be a deciding factor for you to choose this career, but ensure that it is not the only factor. Your inclination and interests in this career will strengthen your growth in the future. Wish you good luck for a bright future.

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