Jobs Working With Children With Special Needs

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Jobs Working With Children With Special Needs

The jobs working with children with special needs are associated with taking care of their physical, mental and emotional concerns. A few good areas where job openings are available are explained in this article. Read on.

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Working with children with special needs is entirely a different experience. The meaning of special need is not confined to seeking physical support while suffering from any kind of disabilities or deformities. There are children who need constant mental support to become a good individual. Their needs are also associated with proper schooling and education so that they learn how to live in a society composed of diverse group of people.

Children who have been subjected to cruelty, labor and crime also need care and attention to overcome the trauma of their past. Although, working with children with disabilities is a major concern, other areas also have equal importance. Jobs working with children with special needs have openings mostly in non-governmental organizations, hospitals, child rehab centers and schools.

Careers Working with Special Needs Children

You will come across such career opportunities on online job portals, and more often in newspapers. Such jobs are directed towards betterment of children in every possible ways. However, you can undertake such jobs only if you are genuinely interested to serve those ‘special children’. It’s quite challenging, since everyday you have to deal with their concerns and requirements. So, here are some areas that offer jobs to people who are willing to work with children with special needs.

Health Sector

The health sector covers a wide range of special needs children jobs and the openings are disclosed quite often. It broadly cover jobs working with children with physical disabilities and mental disorders. Handicapped children require constant attention for improvement, and so do mentally challenged ones. Children suffering from serious mental illness like autism, dyslexia, social anxiety, attention deficit disorders, aggressiveness require proper attention and care. You can find out such kinds of jobs where children need both physical and mental care. If you have a medical degree in pediatrics then you can easily treat children and infants.


The job of a counselor is not as challenging as working in a health sector. In this case, you have to monitor a child and his needs. Children having an under-privileged childhood tend to become ill-natured when they grow up. There are ample cases where their childhood is quite troublesome due to suffering constantly from physical torture, or they might be witness to some violent and ghastly act. Such children require immediate counseling, so that they are able to forget their past and lead a normal life. Good counseling can fetch the desired results. You can find out counselor’s jobs in psychiatry units, or in separate counseling entities.

Rehabilitation Units

Rehab centers are mostly undertaken by non profit organizations where they keep children under a special care team. You can become a member of such units if you are looking forward to make a career working with children with special needs. You will be exposed to child victims of juvenile crime, drug abuse and many other anti-social acts. Dealing with such children in rehabilitation centers requires immense patience. You have to be mentally prepared to face such challenging experiences.

Behavior Management

Apart from all these, there are many other ways that will allow you to attend to children and spend time with them. Their need becomes special only when they are deprived of things that they deserve at their tender age. Children belonging to privileged class of society, despite being drowned in materialistic pleasure, sometimes, do not know the importance of human values. They should be tended at school right from in their childhood so that they are capable of perceiving right things in the future. You can also teach children to mix freely with children belonging to different ethic groups. Schools always have a separate department for behavior management where such needs are taken care of.


  • Orphanage
  • Blind schools
  • Home maid/Nanny
  • Play/activities
  • Child protection

You can apply for such jobs working with children with special needs through Internet, or by directly approaching the concerned organization. If your skills match their requirements then getting placed is comparatively easier. You might also have to undergo training for a certain period of time in order to gain professional expertise. If you ready to take up the challenge, then go for it!

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