Best Jobs Working With Disabled Children

This article lists some of the options available for those who are looking for jobs that include working with disabled children.
CareerStint Staff
If you are someone who loves children and wants to work with those who have disabilities and special needs, there are a number of full-time, part-time, and voluntary options available. Non profit organizations, hospitals, schools―these are the best places to search for such career opportunities.
Physical Therapists
The main job of physical therapists is to make sure that they develop the gross motor skills of disabled children. This helps them in carrying out their day-to-day physical activities with ease, be it walking, running, carrying things or climbing stairs. Physical therapist jobs can be found at hospitals, schools, clinics and rehabilitation centers.
Special Education Teachers
Special education teachers work with children with autism, behavioral disorders as well as learning disabilities. Researches show that the requirement for special education teachers will grow a lot in the coming future. The work of a special education teacher is of utmost importance and responsibility as they have to deal with and teach children with disabilities. That's why, these teachers should be well-versed in handling all kinds of children, even those prone to dangerous behavior or those with speech, behavioral and emotional problems.
Disability Support Workers
If you want to work with children with special needs, join a disability center as a support worker. The main qualities that you require for carrying on this job are patience, sympathy, a helping nature, sensitivity and hordes of compassion for the children with special needs. Both full-time and part-time positions are available for this kind of social work at a number of disability centers. The support workers are sometimes expected to provide assistance with daily living skills, preparation of food, fun activities as well as personal care.
Occupational Therapists
Occupational therapists are employed by schools for children with disorders or special needs so that they can forge a plan, along with parents and teachers, to help a child write or speak or basically carry on an activity which will help them in doing work in the future. An occupational therapist uses various tools, techniques and exercises to develop a child's writing ability. The instruction is mostly given on one to one basis, to aid in proper child development.
Social Workers
This is another job that involves working with children who have disabilities. Social workers are hired by NGO's or organizations dealing with such children. They carry out a number of activities, mostly centered around creating a feasible social environment for the disabled child.
Special Needs Assistants
They work in primary schools, on one to one basis with children who have special education needs. Special needs assistants, SEN auxiliaries, special needs auxiliaries and support for learning assistants - these are the different names for the same profession. Although no qualifications are required, except for compassion and care for children with special needs, a "Higher National Certificate" and a "Higher National Diploma" in 'supporting special learning needs', will teach them exactly how to deal with children with special needs.
The job of nurses is considered very noble. They can opt to work in hospitals and sometimes, even in schools. Usually, nurses who have experience of working with disabled children are preferred by employers. A thorough background test and screening is done before they are admitted to work with children with disabilities.
These are some of the jobs that involve working with children who have special needs. Only if you are committed to this cause and have a giving nature, should you get into any of these professions.
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