Work Opportunities for Convicted Felons

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Work Opportunities for Convicted Felons

Felony is not simply limited to drug abuse or aggravated assault. The crime and its impact are most visible through the limitations placed on jobs for felons. But, all is not lost, today the state and various other institutions are using their resources to provide work opportunities for felons.

Felony is a reference to crime that includes, but is not limited to, drug abuse or assault or involvement in rape, murder or bankruptcy fraud or mail fraud. Involvement in such crimes is an offense against society and litigation. This very aspect of felony limits the opportunities for convicted felons, after they complete their terms. The misdemeanors may be committed due to difficult circumstances, but the aftermath is not easy at all. However, now there is hope. Governments around the world are working towards integrating convicted felons back into society after they pay their due to law.

What is Felony

These people are usually convicted for involvement in illegal manufacture and distribution of controlled or banned substances that lead to drug abuse or their possession of weapons. The intent to use a weapon is enough, to be charged with felony. The job openings for felons include openings in customer relationship management and sales management. The job opportunities for felons are categorized according to the crime categories set by the law. The law divides the understanding of felony into four basic categories:

  • Those who actually commit a crime
  • Those who aid and abet at the scene of the crime
  • Those who help with accessories at the criminal event and
  • Those who aid and abet after the crime

The seriousness of the criminal event basically enables the law enforcement authorities to categorize those convicted for felony after their term is over. Today, jurisdictions are moving beyond the category distinctions to reach out to these people and make jobs available for an honest living. Felonies are also classified according to the seriousness of the crime, as per the standards set by law. Although the classifications and crimes vary, they are all determined by the legislature and hence are to be taken into consideration when looking for job opportunities.

Jobs for felons are difficult to identify in certain companies that have a rule not permitting the same. But, the world over, and especially in the United States of America, the legislation and private companies are more considerate. While some companies just won’t hire a felon, some others are very considerate to the cause. The remuneration for the various jobs opened to felons differs from one company to another.

Where to Start

Speak with your probation or parole officer before you start to look for employment. The Federal government provides each state with a grant or a stimulus package to enable the states to set up a program for job placement of people being released from prison. These services are free of charge and can provide a good launching for your job search.

Your probation/parole officer will undertake a screening process and will refer you to this state-funded program which is like an Employment Education Program. This program with the help of its valuable resource can help you find it a company that will look past your felony and give you a chance at being a part of their team. This can save you countless hours and phone calls trying to find a suitable and willing employer. Though different states use the funds differently, they all have the same goal in mind, to help you gain legal employment.

Tips for Job Search

Try to opt for part-time evening work as employers often, won’t check your background. The unfortunate part here is, benefits are usually unavailable for these kinds of jobs. A majority of jobs are found through acquaintances contacts and personal connections. Talk to family and friends for any such job openings or opportunities that would consider you in spite of your record. Organizations like Safer Foundation in Chicago or Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco are resources or institutions specifically meant to help convicts. Some other possible employers are Nugget Markets in California, Smith’s Grocery Chain that help former convicts find their way.

Employment Opportunities for Convicted Felons


Felons are being considered for dedicated driving jobs. They are considered for delivery jobs like flower delivery, at moderate salaries and a possibility of salary negotiations. Even though the job keeps a felon consistently on the move, the salaries offer stability and job satisfaction. A fresh leash on life is a morale and fiscal booster. The process of procuring the necessary license from driving schools is similar to that applicable to others. Licenses for driving trucks and other special licenses are not difficult to obtain.


The army has also begun considering felons and people with any kind of criminal background. The appointments though depend largely on the crime committed. There are a number of online as well as offline recruiting agencies that check the eligibility and enable a felon to join the defense services of the country.


Today, many people hire and pay consultants for different services. Evaluate your interests and skills so that you can train or develop skills for a niche market. No better way to earn an income than be your own boss. There are various small business loans and grants for starting new businesses. Many consulting jobs require just skills and knowledge and not a large start-up capital. A number of private and public resource centers enable felons to get the required training and licenses to start a business and make a humble, but rejuvenating start. A number of families are also extending help to such convicts. They enable related felons to become an integral part of existent family businesses.

Customer Service Representation

A number of companies are also recruiting felons for jobs relating to customer services. Today, customer services or interaction with dedicated customers play a very vital role in business security. Felons are now being considered for over-the-phone customer service extensively after being trained in the application of industry specific telephone etiquette.

Any job opportunities offered to felons involves dedicated screening. The Human Resource Management Department of the employing companies conduct blood tests for drug abuse and also detailed criminal background checks. The overall treatment meted out to those convicted for felony has changed in recent times. They are being accepted back into society work honestly. Felons can also avail of the ‘get-paid-to’ services. These enable them to make money when and as, for contractual jobs and part-time jobs, without too much of investment in time.

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