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11 Jobs with Less Working Hours

11 Jobs with Less Working Hours
Are you are looking for jobs that offer excellent pay, but only require you to put in a few hours of effort? This CareerStint article will enlist 11 such well-paying jobs with less working hours.
Madhushree Kelkar
In 2012, the average workweek was 46 hours with an income of $51,000, as compared to $59,000 (adjusted for inflation) and 35 hours a week in 1970.
As many jobs are becoming demanding, today, an employee cannot leave office easily after completing just 8 hours of work. The work pressure demands that he spends more and more time at work, rather than indulging in activities that he loves. This disturbs the work-life balance. An employee does not find time to go to a gym or spend time with his family. This results in poor health and relationships. Most of the jobs that we see today require you to put in extra hours of work. On the other hand, there are some jobs which do not require you to work for long hours, or can be part-time, but they just don't pay as well. Don't worry, there are few jobs which require less working hours and also ensure a good pay package.
This CareerStint article will tell you about 11 jobs with less working hours that can prove to be highly lucrative career options.
psychologist less hours
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $68,640 per year
Psychologists conduct a study of the mental processes and human behavior for the emotional well-being of a person. To practice as a psychologist, you may need to acquire a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral degree in the challenging domain of psychology. Also, you may need a license or certification to practice as a psychologist. On an average, psychologists work for about 38 hours per week. They may work independently or with hospitals, clinics, schools, NGOs, etc. Many independent psychologists set their own timings, which may not necessarily cover the whole day. If they work for schools, they may also enjoy the benefit of summer vacations.
Aircraft Pilots, Co-pilots, and Flight Engineers
Male Pilot And Woman Copilot
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $128,760 per year
Airline pilots fly people and cargo over long and short distances. As they are responsible for the safety of the people on board, their job falls in one of the high-paying brackets. They undergo flying training for many hours to qualify as a pilot. Pilots require Federal Air Transport certification as well as a rating for the specific aircraft type that they fly. Most of them work for about 24 hours a week. This is because the FAA regulations limit the flying time to 100 hours per month (1,000 hours per year) for pilots of large aircraft. When they are not flying, they also have to perform non-flying duties.
Speech-language Pathologists
Girl And Speech Therapist
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $66,920 per year
Speech-language pathologists diagnose and provide treatment for communication and swallowing disorders for patients. They plan treatment options for patients based on the extent of their communication problems, and implement it successfully. They even provide counseling to the patients and their families about coping with the problem. Most of them work for approximately 38 hours per week. They need to acquire a Master's degree in this subject, and may need to work as an intern to gain hands-on experience. Remember, laws in many states dictate that a speech-language pathologist may require a license to operate.
Dental Assistants
dental assistant
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $33,470 per year
Dental assistants help dentists in patient care as well as maintaining records. The qualifications of dental assistants may differ from state to state. Some states require the person to pass accredited courses and a state exam, while this is not mandatory in other states. They work for approximately 36 hours per week. Dental assistants may have to execute duties like sterilizing the instruments, handing them over to the dentist during the procedure, taking patient appointments, preparing bills, and other paperwork.
Bus Drivers
Bus Drivers
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $29,160 per year
Bus drivers pick up passengers from one place and drop them to designated locations. Some drivers have planned routes with scheduled timing. This may include dropping children to schools, employees to work, etc. Others may have sightseeing tours, where the location and time may differ every day. In order to become a bus driver, they have to meet the hearing and vision requirements, and also get a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). On an average, bus drivers work for 36 hours a week. To ensure the safety of passengers, they have to follow stringent safety norms.
Occupational Therapists
Female Occupational Therapist
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $72,320 per year
Occupational therapists are professionals who treat patients affected by injuries, disease, or disability. They implement therapeutic use of daily activities to treat patients, helping them enhance the quality of their life, and develop skills to carry out their daily routine with ease. Occupational therapists work for about 39 hours per week with hospitals, other therapists, schools, nursing homes, etc. A Master's degree and a license is mandatory to work in any state.
Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors
aerobics instructor
Mean annual pay (Sourced from BLS): $36,900 per year
Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors are professionals who help individuals achieve desired fitness levels. They plan exercise activities for individuals based on their fitness requirement, and demonstrate it for them. They also guide them in carrying out various fitness activities, and monitor their progress. If they feel a certain exercise is not working, they may change it to suit the needs of the person. On an average, they work for about 38 hours per week. Many instructors undertake professional certifications to learn new techniques, and update their knowledge from time to time.
Desktop Publishers
Desktop Publishers
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $36,610 per year
Desktop publishers are professionals who design page layouts for newspapers, books, brochures, web pages, etc. They search, edit, design, and publish graphics. Desktop publishers need to have knowledge about various software for doing this job. Mostly, they work in the publishing and print industry. This may be a full-time or part-time employment. Many of them also work as freelancers. On an average, they work for about 39 hours per week. This is one of the most creative jobs on this list.
Insurance Underwriters
Insurance Underwriters
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $59,290 per year
Insurance underwriters analyze and evaluate applications for insurance, and decide whether or not to provide insurance. They also decide the amount of coverage, premiums, and other terms of insurance. Most of them work full-time, and cover an average of 39 hours every week. It is essential that a candidate has a Bachelor's degree to work as an insurance underwriter; completion of a certification course helps them climb their career ladder faster.
Principals (Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School)
principal less hours
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $86,970 per year
Principals are the top authority in schools. They monitor the smooth functioning of the school, and ensure that quality education is imparted to the students. They effectively evaluate the skills of teachers, and encourage them to improve. They exercise control and maintain discipline throughout the school. They also play a vital role in planning the budget and managing the finances. On an average, principals work for about 39 hours per week. Ensuring the safety of children and teachers is also part of their responsibilities.
Biochemists and Biophysicists
biochemist less hour
Average Median Pay (Sourced from BLS): $79,390 per year
Biochemists are biological scientists who study the composition of living cells and organisms, and their relationship with the environment. Biophysicists study electrical and mechanical energy, which is related to living cells and organisms. If you are going to work in applied research, product development, management, etc., a Bachelor's degree in applied science will be good enough. However, if you are planning to conduct independent research, you will have to get a Ph.D. On an average, they work for approximately 38 hours per week.
Apart from the jobs mentioned above, working as a biological scientist, judge, counselor, librarian, interpreter and translator, law clerk, optometrist, telephone operator, tree trimmer and pruner, etc., will also help you earn well and have limited working hours. Now that you know about the jobs with less working hours, ensure that you find one that you are truly interested in.