Job Options in Roofing Profession

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Job Options in Roofing Profession

Roofing jobs can be categorized under repair and maintenance jobs, and are often in short supply. Through this CareerStint write up, you’ll find some information on jobs in roofing.

There are two types of roofs. They are classified according to their appearances. Flat roofs, are the ones that are usually found in commercial buildings, industrial buildings and apartment houses, and the other are sloped roofs, which are found in residential bungalows. Roof leakages are a nuisance, and can cause heavy damages to the house, particularly to walls, furnishings and other parts of the structure.

This is when we require a technician who can seal the leakages and tend to other damages. Coming up in the following lines is a brief introduction to the various jobs in roofing that can be taken up easily.

As a Profession

Roofs are exposed directly to harsh weather conditions, and the materials used for roofing deteriorate fast, so they need to be changed regularly. Professionals engaged in roofing jobs are usually known as roofers. They are involved in installing new roofs, repairing or re-roofing old ones. Their work mostly consists of industrial roofing, but they also have to work on commercial and residential constructions. Repairing and maintaining a roof requires a lot of toil. Roofers work with materials made of asphalt, rock, thermoplastic, metal, tar, wood, tile, or shingles.

Working Conditions

The working conditions of roofers are physically demanding as they are required to kneel, stand and bend a lot. Their work mostly involves the outdoors, hence the rate of occupational hazards are also high. They are at the risk of getting burnt as they work with heated materials such as bitumen, tar etc. This profession is very strenuous, hence it is meant for people who are physically strong, have good motor skills and are comfortable with working at heights, such as the top of buildings. Due to the harsh working conditions, these jobs are not taken up by many people.

Training and Development

Apprentices acquire their skills through practical experience, as they work as helpers to experienced roofers. A considerable amount of time is required to learn this trade. Most roofers are not professionally trained because this skill can be learned through experience. Still, some workers do undergo professional training by working in apprenticeships with experts.

Demand for roofers is usually high as repair and re-roofing are required frequently. The ever-growing construction of new buildings for commercial, industrial and residential purposes leads to a continuous rise in the demand for roofers. They have the opportunity to grow to the level of supervisors, roofing estimators, and can also start out their own business as contractors.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S Department of Labor), most workers were paid an average of $18.54 per hour, or $38,570 per year, as of May 2011. The average salary earned by a worker at the lowest 10th level was under $11.99 per hour and the average wage earned by a worker at the highest 10th level was over $18.44 per hour.

Roofing jobs are usually paid on an hourly basis. The above-mentioned earnings are for experienced roofers. Apprentices are usually paid up to 40 to 50% of the amount paid to an experienced roofer.

Types of Roofing Jobs


Apprentices undergo training, under an experienced roofer, on every aspect of the job. They get an opportunity to experience on-the-job training as well as receive theoretical knowledge.

Ticketed Journeymen Roofers

Ticketed journeymen roofers are those who have cleared a competency test, and thus hold a qualifying certificate for the same. It is similar to a license that qualifies them to undertake any roofing work.

Sheet Metal Apprentices

Sheet metal apprentices assist sheet metal workers, who usually work on metal roofing jobs. They help professional roofers in installing slope roofing systems, where metals are used on roofs.

Ticketed Sheet Metal Workers

Ticketed sheet metal workers are licensed or experienced roofers, who work with metals sheets used in industrial roofing jobs during construction of industrial buildings. They are qualified to undertake any roofing job related to metal sheets.


Estimators play a very important role in most construction related jobs. They make a financial report similar to a plan, which has details of the various expenses that will be incurred.

Carpenters, supervisors, superintendents and construction managers are some of the people who work with the construction industry, and are involved in roofing jobs as well. Roofing can now be turned into a very profitable profession for salaried as well as self employed people. However, it requires a good deal of patience and dedication.

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