Jobs for High School Students in Hospitals

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Jobs for High School Students in Hospitals

There are a couple of jobs for high school students in hospitals, which can give you a practical feel of the health care industry. They can give you valuable experience, if you are thinking about a career in the health care system.

If you are looking for a job, it is best to look into something that has opportunities for growth and where you can make your career. Most medical jobs will pay you good salaries, and according to predictions, there is going to be a steady growth in this industry. Hospital jobs are also very respectable and fulfilling, as you get to serve people in need of care. Jobs for high school students in hospitals are a good way to learn the nuances of a responsibility. Before taking up a job, you need to analyze your knowledge and skill levels and then target a responsibility you can handle. If you have good interpersonal skills, then take up a responsibility where you will be required to communicate with people, for example as a front desk assistance executive.

If you are planning to take up a career in medicine, you will benefit by taking up a hospital job to get some hands on knowledge of the inner workings of the health care system. One of the question we come across is how to get such work for students in a hospital. The easiest way is to contact your high school guidance office and also to get in touch with the hospitals human resource department. Another question is what kind of jobs one can get, there are different types of jobs in hospitals, they hire students as receptionists, front desk assistants, and also in the housekeeping and maintenance departments.


If you have good communication skills and a presentable personality, you could try out for the job of a receptionist. The medical receptionists duties include receiving calls from patients and answering queries related to timings and availability of services. Fixing appointments is also one of the important tasks that will be assigned to the receptionists. Handling internal communication between the medical staff, like doctors and nurses is also the duty of the receptionists. Some of the qualities you should have in plenty are patience and empathy, because the nature of the work entails you to interact with stressed out patients and their families.


One of the first jobs that are readily available are in the housekeeping department. Hospital housekeeping jobs pay scale is quite comparable, and the job is also quite interesting, as you will learn some sanitizing techniques. The hospital also arranges training programs, which will help you to upgrade your skill levels. If you work as an assistant to the on-floor supervisors, you will be able to assist in patient room decor and maintaining the ambiance. The housekeeping jobs also require you to handle equipment and supplies necessary for maintaining a disease free environment. Growth prospects are quite good, with instances of people starting at the entry-level reaching designations of housekeeping supervisors to director of housekeeping.

Other jobs are available in the cafeteria, where they could be put in charge of duties like managing the cash counter or serving the clients. Another good job is to work in the hospital security department. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you have the right attitude and the will to work under health care settings, as sometimes, a hospital job can become challenging.

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