Job Offer Acceptance Letter

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Job Offer Acceptance Letter

One letter, I pray, that many of you write often enough is an acceptance letter for a job offer. This letter is often mistaken to be just a formality, but in contrast, it has an important function, since an acceptance letter can be used as evidence in case of any legal proceedings.

As the name itself suggests, an acceptance letter is one which intimates the job seeker’s approval of the job offer. This letter is often considered to be quite an extraordinary letter, as it is one of a kind. The features of this letter are also quite different. This makes the letter a bit difficult to put down. It is not a compliance or a compulsion, but is a mere mannerly intimation of acceptance of the offer. It must be noted that the legal system often uses a job offer acceptance as conclusive evidence in legal proceedings, hence, draft the letter as carefully as possible.

The letter needs to be conventionally divided into 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph is a direct acceptance of the offer and quoted positional remuneration. The second paragraph goes more for in debt acceptance of responsibilities and additional details. The third paragraph will round-up the details of your previous jobs and businesses. The tone of the language should be polite and the factual matter correct. The following is an example of such a letter. Use it as a reference to draft one for yourself as per your needs.

Sample Letter
Jan 26, 2011
305, Moon Beam Apartments,
Book Store Street,
New York

Mr Adam Copperfield
The Human Resource Department,
Candra-Delta Medias
New York

Dear Mr Copperfield,

It is certainly delightful that your company has selected me for the post of senior editor in the company’s publishing department. Please accept this letter in good health and faith as a letter of acceptance, against your job offer communicated to me through the letter dated.

I am very leased to accept your offer for the position of senior editor with a salary of $70,000. I also understand that the company will provide for health insurance which I also accept. As discussed earlier, I will join the post for induction and training on date. I also accept the 3 months induction time span.

My previous company has relieved me from my reprehensibility and I am attaching a relieving letter, as well as an experience letter issued to me by my previous employer.

Thanking you as for your support and consideration,

Yours Truly,


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