Job Description Template

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Job Description Template

How does job description template look like, and why is it considered highly important? Read the following article to understand the various related aspects.

Job description provides detailed information of what is expected from the candidate after joining. The main objective of providing it to the candidate, at the time of recruiting or interview, is to list out the duties and responsibilities of the post that he has considered. Why is it important to share it with a person, who is not even a confirmed employee yet? Well, making the candidate aware of it helps him to understand and make a decision on whether he is fit for the job, whether he possesses all the qualifications and skills that are required, and whether he can or is capable of undertaking all the stated duties and responsibilities.

Imagine, only job openings and the post being published in the advertisements and web portals, without this description. It would cause so much confusion among the potential candidates and will indeed be a complicated process for the hiring team. Now, one might argue that if the job applications are required for the post of a manager, then obviously all managers will apply, which is true. However, the duties of a manager (or for any other post for that matter) differ from company to company, and not defining them might lead to disputes and conflicts among the employees and the employers in the future.


A job description form typically contains the following information and details:

  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Reporting To
  • Key Duties and Responsibilities
  • Educational Qualifications and Skills
  • Experience


Mentioned below is an example, where a job description of a senior training manager or a trainer responsible for employee training in customer service industry is considered.

Job Description

Senior Training Manager

Name of the Department

Training and Development

Reporting To

Bill Wilson, Head of Training and Development Department

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understanding the budget systems of the organization and forecasting training budgets accordingly
  • Assessing training needs for different departments and department heads
  • Designing training material
  • Scheduling training sessions after consulting with different department heads and team leaders
  • Getting familiarized with new processes and changes in the existing process
  • Recruiting and managing new training staff
  • Organize training sessions by external trainers, if required
  • Maintaining training records that include attendance and number of training sessions held and to be held for different teams and departments
  • Reporting the training status to the head of the department
  • Coming up with new, interesting, and innovative techniques of training
  • Designing assessment papers for every training session, and ensuring change in the pattern of assessment papers for every new batch
  • Attending the training sessions of new trainers and giving them relevant and constructive feedback

Educational Qualifications and Skills

  • A graduate or postgraduate degree, preferably in management studies
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Good computer knowledge


More than 3 years of experience in corporate training preferred.

Such samples will vary depending on the job title. A job description is nothing but an elaboration of the duties that one is going to perform after being hired for the respective designation. As mentioned earlier, it defines the responsibility and accountability of a person in advance, negating the chances of any conflicts and arguments in future. Be it for teaching or IT vacancies, it is a must.

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