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Tips to Draft Job Applications for 15 Year Olds

Charlie S Oct 29, 2018
In the US, many teenagers work in industries to be financially independent. However, innumerable job aspirants lose out on coveted job opportunities due to improper way of filling the job application. Writing a job application in a proper way, is the important step in getting a job.
15 year olds can apply for jobs such as assistants in hotels, garages or work in product making companies or else do creative jobs like gardening. Household jobs like cleaning, cooking, taking care of pets can be done well by them.
Since this is the computer age, computer and Internet savvy guys and girls can do jobs like freelance writing and data entry. You can get job as a typist, if you are good at typing.
There are many part-time jobs for 15 and 16 year olds which one can do to get some experience. You can consult the senior people in your family, to find out about the different jobs for teens, which you could apply for.
Applying for jobs for fifteen year olds can become difficult because of certain rules and regulations laid down by the government. However, if you follow all the instructions systematically, you will be able to secure a job for yourself.
The first thing to do before applying for a job is to conduct a detailed research on the reputation and history of the company, where you are applying for a job. Look for the qualities which the employer is looking for before you apply for any post. Include all things which have been asked by the employer in your application.

Importance of Obtaining Working Papers

You will be required to get relevant work papers, if you wish to apply for a job as a fifteen year old. This condition of working papers is prevalent in a few states. These working papers can be sought from the department of labor.

Fitness Certificate

While you apply for the working papers, you will need a fitness certificate of a fitness test, conducted in the recent one year from your personal doctor.
The application form for working papers will contain details such as your personal information like name, age, record of conduct, school record and identity card.
You should take your parents along and take their signature (if required) on the application form. In case you have lost your working papers, you can apply for a copy of the work papers from the same office where you got it.

Preparing Your Resume

All employers expect that the candidates applying for a job should submit a correctly written resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV).
Your name, address, contact details, educational qualifications, previous experience (if any), and hobbies and special interests constitute a well written resume. If you have the skills which the employer is looking for, then do mention them under 'special abilities' in your resume.
When it comes to giving references, you can give reference of a person whom you know since a much time - like your school teacher, your previous company supervisor or your exam trainer.
The formatting of your resume should be proper and must not confuse the reader. Have proper headers and footers, and use bold formatting type only for heads and sub-heads.
As your qualifications increase, keep on updating your resume and always have a copy of the latest updated resume with you. Present the resume in a professional way by following instructions given by the employer.
Resume writing is a skill which you need to acquire. You should provide all true and complete details, after studying the requirements of the employers.
Faking about your abilities can create serious troubles for you - the job application can get rejected if found untrue or you will face problems while actually working, as your employer would expect you to meet certain set standards. Your resume should be fit and relevant for the jobs that you are applying for.

Preparing a Cover Letter

The cover letter contents should be precise, to-the-point and well written. Begin writing the cover letter by writing about yourself and the employer details.
Do not forget to mention the date on the cover page. Start writing the letter which is addressed to the employer by having a proper salutation followed by the subject of application.
In the first paragraph, write about the position you are applying for and your interest in the job. Then, write about your skills, qualifications and experience related to the job in the successive paragraphs. End the letter properly and sign it. Use good quality A4 size paper as the cover letter and avoid making any sorts of mistakes.

Have a Final Check

Proofreading is very vital which should be done not only by you but also by someone else. In the final check, ensure that your application is professionally presentable and as per the industry standards. See to it that you have implemented all the suggestions of the employer, as failing to do so suggests that you have weak understanding power.
Online job applications are very easy to apply to, to get teenagers desired post in good companies. You can e-mail your resume to your employer or fill in all the details on the employer's website, if such provisions are available.
Due to the growing number of applications for jobs, online applications for 15 year olds have become the need of the time. Indeed, the success of your job search depends on a well-presented job application.