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IT Technician Cover Letter

IT Technician Cover Letter

Brief and concise IT technician cover letter creates a good impression on the employer and increases the chances of being called for the interview process.
Kundan Pandey
Being a master of multitude of skills related to computer science and Information technology, IT technicians find employment everywhere. Right from schools, colleges, universities to small business, large corporations, banks, railways and airlines, IT technicians are in demand everywhere. Before we move on to knowing more about an IT technician cover letter, let us discover more on some aspects of this profession, in brief.

IT Technician Job Description

Computer hardware, software and networks never function without some problems, courtesy - a whole new breed of viruses, ethical hackers and geeks who always have something to spoil in a PC. Professionals in the form of IT technicians are engaged in troubleshooting and repairing problems of computers and networks. IT technicians are employed by small to large sized companies for dealing with PC problems. Technicians that specialize in network operation system work in monitoring and assembling PC networks in offices and commercial spaces. They also monitor network security and ensure that all systems work without any interruption.

IT Technician Education

Becoming an IT technician as such, doesn't require some special degree except for knowledge of computers. While a high school diploma is minimum requirement to even get in the entry-level position in this industry, it is expected that IT technicians seek a four years computer science or Information Technology degree. Those who can't go for full-fledged computer science or IT degree can take lots of vocational courses at school or college level and learn the intricacies of this profession. Even several programs in associate degree can help students to learn the nitty gritty of this field. Since IT technicians are mostly involved in installing work stations, troubleshooting technology issues and repairing hardware, troubleshooting software issues, practical knowledge of every dimension related to computer is essential. Higher education leads to better employment and higher pay scales.

IT Technician Salary
Since IT technicians can work part or full-time, their salaries are paid on hourly and yearly basis. Starting salaries in this field may not be very high owing to limited duties but as work experience increases, finding opportunities is easier. IT technicians or sometimes called computer technicians can earn anywhere between US$20,000 - US$30,000, approximately per year, in the starting years. After four to ten years of work experience and with high paying employers, salaries can cross the US$50,000 mark.

IT Technician Cover Letter: A Must Before Forwarding Your Resume

If you have ever applied for a job through post or email, you may be aware of what a cover letter is. Known as the request letters, cover letters are always sent along with a resume, as a part of introduction about why you want to join a job. In the professional world, it is considered to be a mark of respect, if you are giving value to an individual's time. Since a cover letter will be read first, it will give your employer a general idea about what is contained in your resume, further. Cover letters have become such an important document for employment that HR managers, who have to go through hundreds of resumes per day in their busy schedule, consider a cover letter as the first impression for employment. This makes it vital for you to right a brief, concise and simple cover letter, persuading your employer to call you for the interview.

Sample Cover Letter Example for an IT Technician
Colin Jives
5252 Vincent Street
Arizona - 54634

11th May 2011

M. Paul
ABC Solutions Ltd.
Senior Technology Officer
23, Torque Street
New Jersey - 54634

Sub: Application for the position of IT Technician

Dear Mr. M. Paul,

This letter is concerned with the advertisement, 'Required Entry-level IT Technicians', on 6th May, 2011 on the job portal website, (name of the website). I was particularly delighted to see an opening in your esteemed company because I have the required skills and certifications as demanded by you. I have completed my two years computer hardware and design course from Kennedy College of Engineering. Further, I have worked for 10 weeks as an IT assistant in the Kennedy College of Engineering computer science department.

As you can see in my resume, I have been an active member of several projects and internships associated to understanding computer repair and maintenance. I have also submitted three research papers in state level computer science competitions that have received critical acclaim from renowned professors.

I have particular interest in troubleshooting a wide range of computer problems. Since my teenagers years, I have been passionate about working with computers and I have learned a lot during my two years stay in the Kennedy college.

I have always been a hardworking and career oriented student with keen interest in gaining experience in the technical aspects of computers. I will love to work in your company as a fresher IT technician and broaden my base of knowledge in computer hardware. My interest in computers is the greatest motivation for me and I believe I will do complete justice to the concerned position.

I'm looking forward to hear from you. In case, you wish to contact me, you can call me on my cell number as stated above.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
Colin Jives

Numerous surveys conducted by recruitment agencies have stated a fact that cover letters and resumes play a significant role in your employment. These documents convey your employer vital information about you, so make sure you prepare them nicely. In your interview, questions will be based on the information mentioned in your CV. Since your cover letter will highlight your general description of what is in the resume, you must write it properly. All the best!