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IT Recruiter Salary

IT Recruiter Salary

Technical recruiters have come to be known as a different breed of recruiters altogether. Read all about IT recruiter salary, job description and eligibility in the following article.
Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
So, you're a qualified IT professional who is enthusiastic about talent acquisition more than project development and business intelligence analysis. Well, no wonder you're combing through the World Wide Web looking for details on an IT recruiter's salary, job description and responsibilities. Also, if you've never previously had a brush with technical talent acquisition, you're probably also wondering if your technical qualifications suffice to make you eligible for this particular job profile. Okay, so let's a step by step look at all aspects of an IT recruitment career starting with academic and professional eligibility, discussing the job description along the way and concluding with the scope of average annual remuneration.

IT Recruiter Eligibility

Well, I understand that you are from a technical academic background, probably holding a bachelor's degree in technology, IT or programming. That's what prompted you to consider an IT recruiter profile in the first place, right? Okay, now let's see what academic qualifications would be desirable on a typical IT recruiter resume from the point of view of the hirer. Well, take a look at any standard resume of an applicant for the position of an IT recruiter and you'll notice some common points. Most of these applicants come from a technical academic background, mostly majoring in information technology and programming. Now, the minimum academic eligibility criteria for an IT recruiter includes a Bachelor's degree in Information technology or computer programming/software development along with a Master's degree in the same discipline. Additional certifications in related fields (especially for proficiency in various administrative, quality control and database software) increase the desirability of the resume, so does prior experience in handling and managing IT projects.

IT Recruiter Job Description

The primary duty of a technical recruiter is to identify, examine and interview IT candidates and place the selected candidates in the appropriate technical departments. The field of IT is such that candidates can hail from a lot of different parts of the world. In such a situation, it is the duty of the IT recruiter to understand and handle immigration issues of the candidates as well. Since most IT recruiters hail from the same academic and professional background as the applicants and have a sound understanding of the same, it is expected of an IT recruiter to intensely assess the technical skills of the candidates who have applied for various IT profiles. Executive IT recruiters are also required to actively participate in formulating IT recruitment strategies and design subsequent training programs for new joiners, especially if they happen to be fresh graduates without any previous work experience in the IT sector. When a person, if hired as an IT recruiter by an IT project management company, he/she is typically made to undergo some amount of IT recruiter training as the profile is a merger of technical as well as human resource management skills.

IT Recruiter Salary Prospects

An IT recruiter having 1 years and less experience in IT recruitment can expect to earn around $60,000 in a year on an average. Those having two to five years experience can make anywhere between $70,000 and $1,00,000 on an average. How much you earn annually as an It recruiter also depends upon your terms of employment, that is, whether you are hired for commission or are a salaried employee of the company. Also, contract IT recruiters make way more money than the salaried recruiters.

So, sounds lucrative doesn't it? Considering a career in IT recruitment is a great, financially rewarding option for those of you who have spend quite a few years in the field of project management and business process analysis. A first hand experience in these fields enables you to use your own professional experience to sift the best talent out of the hordes of applicants for a particular technical job. This way, bad recruitment decisions are avoided and the company benefits from acquiring qualified and skilled workforce handpicked by a professional expert!