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Is Midlife Career Change a Good Option?

Is Midlife Career Change a Good Option?

Are you stuck in the rut and are tired of the mundane routine you are following for years? Are you considering a midlife career change? Will it prove to be a good decision? There is a plenty of confusion and questions that should be sorted out. Read the following article for some help.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Career dissatisfaction, recession and a failing economy, desire to try something that you always wanted to; there are many reasons people may want to opt for a change in career in the midlife phase. But the decision to change career in the midlife or for that matter early in the career is not easy and you should give a thought to many points before finalizing the decision. In the midlife, the person has reached the peak of career and has settled quite well. Changing career in this phase is thus the last advice anybody would give you. But a lot about this also depends on the circumstances you are in; who knows it will prove to be a good decision. So you should consider all the factors and only then arrive at a decision. Read further for a detailed analysis of career change in the midlife.

Is a Midlife Career Switch Advisable?

You need to consider many factors before deciding to change the career in your midlife. Moreover, you also cannot ignore the fact that you have a family to provide and look at. On the other hand, your retirement is nearing and you are also aging. But you also have some plans to achieve what you couldn't achieve in the past. Making the decision is thus quite difficult. Some help has been provided below to help you make a better and practical decision.

Is it your Last and Only Option?
We all want to be successful in career and want job security so that there are no complications in the future. Changing career in the midlife thus is not recommended as you will have to start all over again from scratch. You again would have to build up the reputation and respect you have earned through your current job. And there is no guarantee that your decision will prove correct. So as a first step to determine if you really need to change career, you need to do a thorough self analysis to determine if you really should change career. Your self analysis of the career should cover factors like - what is your level of career satisfaction, what are your interests, how much are your savings. Also determine if the new career will help you progress and give a higher career satisfaction than your present job.

Understand Your Interests
You have been in your current job for many years and have also gained expertise in that field. But determine were you just treading the path and not enjoying it? Responsibility of family and the need to settle down make many of us do a job even when we are not happy with it. But has it got over you now? Can you not bear the job anymore? Do you wish to try the things you always wanted to? Have you identified your real interests? What are your answers for these questions. You may answer a yes to all the questions and might want to shift career for better opportunities and the sense of fulfillment. A midlife career change will prove a good option only after a thorough analysis of your choices, abilities and interests. Lastly you should analyze the industry you wish to get into for making the career change a successful decision.

What Industry are You Planning to Get into?
There must be a particular industry that you are interested to make a career in. So before planning to quit your current job you should do a thorough survey of the industry to find out the availability of jobs in that sector. You will also be joining as a newcomer and will have to compete with the other candidates who are far more motivated and enthusiastic than you. So do a neat analysis of the stability in that industry, talk to your friends and seek expert opinions. Design a CV that will incorporate all your skills that might help you get a good job in the sector. Stability and money in that sector are also important factors that should be considered along with job satisfaction.

Quick Reminders
  • Retrospect your career so far and then decide if you really need to change the job. Do not let a single bad experience or career setback make you take the decision in haste.
  • Understand your interests and determine if you have the flexibility and interest to work in a new work area.
  • Be an optimist, you may have to start at a low level in the new sector; but things will work if you have the desire and the will.
  • Use the contacts in your past industry to find a good job yourselves.
  • Design your resume with utmost your care and thinking. A neatly designed resume can make or break things for you.
Mentioned above were a few important factors you should consider prior to changing career in the midlife. Though not a safe option, changing career in the midlife can help you realize your hidden talents and also bring more job satisfaction. But think twice and take the help of a counselor before arriving at any decision. All the best, it is never too late!