Introduction Letter for Employment

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Introduction Letter for Employment

Are you looking for samples letter of introduction for employment to help you frame your own letter to a prospective employer? Read on for examples of the same.

The art of letter writing is a learned one. While writing a letter it is important that the main areas you focus on are the correctness, conciseness, and the clarity of the letter. If you are writing an introduction letter to gain employment or a cover letter, it is essential that the letter does not drag and is an example of brevity. An introduction letter is written to not only give credibility to a person’s qualifications but also testify to the person’s character.

In an age, where a prospective employer is flooded with hundreds of applications for a single post, a well written introduction letter can be the one reason that gives you a breakthrough with the employer. The letter should be constructed in such a manner that it impresses without sounding like you are blowing your own horn. The introduction letter should be written in a conversational tone without breaking professional boundaries. It should showcase your qualities as a unique individual. Given below is a template for an introduction letter and also a few samples of introduction letters.

Template for Employment Introduction Letter

This is a template to guide you as to how you can go about writing an introduction letter to gain employment. Writing a business letter of introduction can become a whole lot easier if you just follow the simple format here.


Dear Ms./Mr. (addressee), or To whom it may concern

In the introductory paragraph of the letter, it is essential that you introduce the person you are writing the letter for and explain to the addressee how you know the person you are introducing. In case you are writing a letter introducing yourself to a prospective employer then the first details that you need to put forward about yourself are your name and your experience especially relevant experience with regards to the position you are applying for.

If you are a third person writing an introduction letter, the second paragraph should include details about why you are writing this letter for the person you are introducing and also why you think the person would be suitable for the position, citing his/her capabilities and achievements. If you are writing the introduction job letter to a prospective employer yourself, then mention why you think you are a capable candidate for the job what you would like to accomplish by writing this letter (setting up an appointment with the person addressed. Also if you know someone in the organization, it would be a good idea to mention him/her in the letter as a referral point. But do ask the person you are naming whether or not he/she is comfortable with his/her mention in the letter.

If the letter is from the person applying for a job, then you should also mention why you want to work for that particular company. You could either conclude your letter in this paragraph or frame another paragraph for the conclusion. For a third person writing the letter, the paragraph should include contact details of both the person writing the letter and the person being introduced. Thank the person addressed respectfully.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

Writing an Introduction Letter for Someone Else

Writing business letters for introduction can be quite a difficult task for a third person as you have to maintain a fine balance between the formality of the situation and the personal equation you may share with the person you are addressing in the letter. Also, it is important that regardless of the relationship you share with the person you are introducing, you do not go overboard gushing about their capabilities.

John Shankman
Cultural Director, Opera Noir Theater Troupe

16th September 2011

Ava Green
Cultural Director, NYC Ballet
New York City

Dear Ms. Green,

I, the undersigned am writing to you to introduce to you Ms. Beverly Bishop, a talented performer associated with the Opera Noir Theater Troupe. As you are well aware I am the cultural director of the group and in this capacity have had the good fortune of working with Beverly on several dance drama productions.

Beverly who has been a resident of Chicago all her life, has now decided to move to New York City and therefore has to leave our theater group. With her experience in performing for our productions and also choreographing some pieces for our group, she has gained invaluable experience which would serve her well, if you give her chance of working with your drama company.

This letter has attached it with her resume. You can also contact her at or call her on 402-345-6778. In case you have any queries you can contact me at or 402-345-6804.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
John Shankman

Introduction Letter for Employment for Yourself

Business writing whether you are writing employment notice letters or a letter of introduction for yourself needs to have a formal tone that is maintained throughout the letter. Personal feelings need to be set aside and the letter needs to be framed as a model of professionalism. If you are writing a business letter of introduction for yourself then ensure that you do not sound immodest or sycophantic.

Jeanine Byrant
24, Oakview Apartments
Elm Street, Manhattan
NYC- 343421

16th September 2011

Jeffrey Eisenhower
New York City Drama Theater
New York – 343427

Dear Mr. Eisenhower,

I, the undersigned am writing to you to introduce myself to you. I believe that with the professional training that I possess and the experience that I have, I will prove to be highly qualified and a valuable addition to your dance company.

I have had a training of almost ten years in classical ballet. I have also trained in jazz and contemporary styles of dance. I graduated from the Juilliard School four years ago and have been working with Miami City Ballet since then. Due to personal reasons, I have to shift to New York City and would consider myself lucky, if this shift also garners me a chance to work with your esteemed dance company.

I have enclosed my resume with this letter. You can contact me at or you can call me on 405-232-5667.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Jeanine Byrant

I hope the above example cover letters for employment will help you in drafting such a letter, whether you are writing it for yourself or you are writing it to recommend someone else for a position in their company.

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