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Interview Follow-up Email Sample

Interview Follow-up Email Sample

The sample of an interview follow-up email, provided in the following article will help you get a second chance to impress the interviewers. Post interview emails works like magic, if you know how to write them correctly. Let's learn about some tips for drafting these emails in this CareerStint article.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
You have just appeared for that special job interview, and are praying hard so that you get the post. After the interview, you spend each precious moment in anticipation for a second interview call or a job confirmation. You keep waiting and waiting, but never get a call from the interviewers. What could be the reason? Your interview went great and you were just inches away from getting your dream job. The reason is that you failed to send over an interview follow-up email. These emails actually work as thank you letters. If written well, they can give you a second chance to get you the dream job. You can either make a follow-up call for thanking your prospective employer for the job interview or send an email. It is also good to restate your interest in the position, and ask if any clarification is needed. You can even ask the employer about the last date for getting a final decision. If you are a bit apprehensive about the phone call, then you should try sending an email.

It is appropriate to send over an email after an interview in today's technologically advanced world. Many hiring managers prefer emails, than phone calls, as they do not take up time. Emails also give them a chance to scrutinize the candidate further. You should keep the email short and sweet. Many times, after a phone interview, a follow-up email sounds like a better idea. But, remember to keep your email thoroughly professional. There is no need to insert a cute smiley or send a famous quote to the interviewer. Just mention the reason for your email and end with an appropriate closing line. Let us have a look at an example.


Subject: Re: Interview for the post of Jr. Editor-in-Chief
Dear Madam,

I would like to thank you once again for taking out time from your busy schedule for meeting me on Wednesday. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you. I will be grateful to get an opportunity to work with a reputed publishing house like MayBuzz Info. I believe my education and experience in the field of print media will match the criteria for the post. I am looking forward to joining your company and giving it my best. Please call or email me with an update, at your earliest convenience.

Samantha Newman

This will give you a precise idea about sending a follow-up email after an interview. As you can see, the email is short and to the point. It is polite enough to get the idea across, and does not end up sounding pushy. You should always thank the interviewer for his/her time in your letter or phone call. If at all you forgot to mention something important during your interview, it is a good idea to speak about it in your email.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind while drafting your thank you email. Read the email thoroughly and recheck for grammatical as well as spelling mistakes. You do not want to appear careless or as someone who has poor communication skills. Incorporating all these tips will help you draft an efficient email that will definitely impress the interviewer.