Interview Follow-up Email

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Interview Follow-up Email

An interview follow-up email works wonders at creating the right impression to the interviewer. However, if you make errors in this, there are chances of you creating the wrong impression. So, let us get down to understanding how to go about doing it right.

One might feel that once he/she has stepped out of the interview hall, their job is done and now the ball is in the interviewer’s court. But wait! There is still something more you need to do to brighten your chances of landing the job. Yes, it is a follow-up email that might click for you in hitting the opportunity. Following are certain reasons as to why one should write a follow-up mail to the interviewer, take a look:

  • To thank the interviewers for giving you time.
  • To address the issues, you feel were left incomplete from your side at the time of interview.
  • To submit the information requested by the company.

How to Write a Follow-up Email After an Interview


  • An interview follow-up letter can be formatted on the lines of a cover letter. You will need to keep it brief and professional.
  • You will have to give reference to the date of the interview and the name of the interviewer.
  • Make sure you do not rant on about the interview and stick to the point that it went well.
  • Make sure you avoid asking questions like “do you think I will nail the job”, or anything along those lines.


  • When sending out the email, make sure you write the correct title of the recipient of the letter.
  • If the person was your interviewer, you can title him as ‘the interviewer’. However, use this phrase only if you are not aware or unsure about the correct title.
  • Ideally, it would be perfect if you could refer to the recipient with the title written correctly in the email. For example, if the recipient is in the HRM, refer to him as such in the mail.


  • Many people often face a dilemma when it comes to the subject of the follow-up mail.
  • To this, I would like to say, that in the corporate world, the simpler you keep things, the faster the ball will roll.
  • So, to simplify my statement, keep the subject simple. Put your full name and the position that you have applied for.
  • A suggestion would be to attach your resume to the email once again. This will help the recipient to confirm the status and refresh his memory with greater ease.

Sample Follow-up Email Between Interview Rounds

Subject: Calvin Jones- Assistant Manager

Mr. Kevin Smith
Senior Design Officer
Avon Group of Industries

Respected Sir,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for interviewing me this morning. I am thoroughly impressed by the prospects of the company and, would be eager to join as an assistant manager in your firm.

After going through the first round, I am sure my capabilities will allow me to live up to your expectations. Also, my knowledge and experience will be of great use for the betterment of the company.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding the schedule for the next round of interview.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Calvin Jones

Sample Follow-up Email After Final Round

Subject: Norman Newton – Business Development Manager

Mr. Bradley Benson
Sr. Human Resource Manager
Crabtech Info.

Respected Sir,

I had my interview with your organization on (date of the interview). Since it has been awhile, I thought I should pursue it.

My goal is to work for a company that has the type of culture and mission such as yours – in particular, your attitude toward the employees working as a team. As such, I am looking forward to be associated with the company, and giving it my best.

I am really excited about the prospect of joining your team and want to be considered as an interested candidate. I know that I could do well based on my experience and what I can bring to the job, and my future goals.

I look forward to talking with you further regarding this opportunity.


Norman Newton.

Quick Tips

  • Time is the crucial factor in an interview process. A follow-up email must be sent within 24 hours of the interview, to have a greater impact on the interviewer.
  • The mail should be absolutely free of typos and grammatical errors. To avoid such mistakes, you can ask someone to proofread it for you.
  • It need not be too long and should be personalized enough to make it stand out from others. Otherwise it will look like a standard form of a follow-up letter.
  • If you feel that any of your answers during the interview were incomplete, make it a point to address those questions in your follow-up mail.
  • Never talk about salary or other benefits you will be getting from the company. This topic will come up only when the company makes an actual offer to you.

All these guidelines and samples on business communication can help you create the most appropriate follow-through email after you’ve appeared for an interview. However, it is important to give it time and not rush into it. Too much hurry could seem desperate to the employers and put them off.

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