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Interview Confirmation Letter

An interview confirmation letter is an important document for job applicants as it plays a vital role in creating a good first impression on the interviewer.
Rahul Pandita
When you receive a call to appear for a job interview, it is important that you write a confirmation letter to let the organization know how privileged you feel on being given this opportunity and how eagerly you are looking forward to the interview. It helps you to create a positive first impression in the minds of the interviewer and it is also considered as a sign of good etiquette.

While writing a confirmation letter, you have to remember that the undertone of the letter should be formal. It should have a slight reference of how the company's goals are aligned to those of yours, but you should not try to go overboard with this. Let us take a look at some tips you should remember while writing a confirmation letter for a job interview.
  • The letter should begin with your name and address, followed by the name of the person you are addressing the letter to, his designation in the organization and the corporate address. If you are not sure as to what capacity the person is working in that organization, you can avoid using the job title. You should also mention the date on which you are writing this letter and align it to the left hand side.
  • Although interviewers are stacked with confirmation letters from applicants, it doesn't mean that you are complacent while writing the letter. A nicely written confirmation letter can help in creating a good impression on the interviewer. If you are typing the letter, make sure there are no typographical errors and you proofread the entire letter before sending it to the concerned person.
  • The first paragraph should express your gratitude for being selected for the interview. It makes it easy for the reader to understand the central theme of your letter and helps in effective communication. The central part of the letter should be a confirmation of the venue and time at which the interview is scheduled.
  • You can conclude the letter by providing your contact number to the concerned person, so that he/she can get in touch with you in case of any clarifications. The letter should end with a proper salutation such as 'Yours truly' or 'Yours sincerely', along with your name and your signature.
Sample Confirmation Letter

Alan Rodriguez
1214 Pennsylvania Madison
Washington, D.C., 15301
United States

May 22, 2011

Mr. John Kissinger
Human Resource Executive
Palmer Industrial Corporation
Endicott, NY, 13760
United States

Dear Mr. Kissinger,

Thank you very much for offering me an opportunity to appear for the interview. I am looking forward to meeting you and have further discussions on my application for the position of Sales executive in your esteemed organization. I was very glad when I received the call from your office regarding my short-listing and I will try my level best to make good use of the opportunity provided to me. Your organization's values of team-work, sincerity and perseverance align with my career goals and that is one of the strongest reasons for my application.

The interview would be a good platform for me to showcase my abilities and it will also give me an opportunity to know more about the organization. As discussed, I will arrive at your office on the May 27, 2011 at 2 PM. I will carry my resume, a copy of the testimonials and my educational qualifications for the interview.

Thank you once again for considering me for the interview. If you have any additional questions, you can call me at 202 606 -3154. Looking forward to meet you.

Yours sincerely,
Alan Rodriguez

Signature _________.

It is imperative that you know how to write a confirmation letter as ignorance can seriously hurt your prospects of getting a job. We hope that the information provided in this article helps you in getting an idea on how to write a confirmation letter.