Internship Resume Objective

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Internship Resume Objective

An internship resume objective should be written in such a way that it introduces the aim of doing the internship, besides the topic of the internship. It needs to be written after the name, address, and contact number, above the personal details.

While selecting candidates for an internship, employers have a different set of goals as compared to selecting candidates for full-time employment. Moreover, the selection criteria is different too. The main point of difference is the goal of a candidate. An intern’s aim should not be to further his/her career, but to acquire certain skills so that later on he can successfully apply for a particular position in the industry. Academic achievements are of much more importance compared to work experience here, and the intern needs to be able to convince the employer that the internship is an extension of his studies.

This is where the objective comes into play. The main aim is not only to show commitment and desire for the internship, but also show how one is the most deserving candidate who would take advantage of the opportunity as and when provided. Some employers also look for interns who would be willing to join the company as and when given an opportunity.

Objective Examples

Example 1
Seeking a summer internship at XYZ Corp., where I would be in a position to provide the organization with the benefit of my knowledge and skills while learning the standard operating procedures prevalent.

Example 2
I desire a position as a summer intern with XYZ Corp., and will be in a position to offer excellent administrative acumen so as to provide organizational support to the company while on the job.

Example 3
I wish to apply for the post of a summer intern at XYZ Corp., offering my marketing skills which will be of assistance to the marketing and sales campaigns of the organization, while acquiring valuable on-the-job knowledge.

Resume Sample

City, State, Zip Code
email address
contact number

This should include your aim of applying for the position, how you would contribute towards the goals of the organization, what you want to achieve out of this internship, your academic achievements, and how the internship is an extension of your academic studies.

The educational degree you have attained till date, starting from the most recent qualification, should be stated here. It should also include the city from where you have passed out, the state, graduation date, and your grades.

Additional Courses Attended
In this section, you should include any additional academic qualification that you may have attained, which is relevant to your educational qualifications.

Any awards you may have received throughout your academic career should be mentioned here.

Other Skills
Any skills that you have needs to be mentioned. For example, any computer proficiency you may have acquired should be included here.

The objective expresses more about your career objectives and interests, and how you would be a perfect association for the company. You need to create an effective first impression while stating the objective. Use these examples here as a reference and make your own objective, and get ready for the valuable internship.

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