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11 Fabulous Ideas to Make a Professional Portfolio Cover Page

11 Ideas to Make a Professional Portfolio Cover Page
Before a potential client or employer can scan through the contents of your portfolio, the cover page makes the first impression. Making a professional portfolio cover page is no easy feat, but with this CareerStint post, you will find 11 creative ideas.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
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It's a no-brainer that any credible portfolio, regardless of profession, requires a well-designed cover page. No individual can skip this step while creating a portfolio as it sets the tone for the entire presentation. Gone are the days when a title page with the individual's or company's name would've sufficed. Nowadays, professionals are thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative and eye-catching graphics and photographs as their cover pages.

So, if inspiration is what you seek, then this is the right post for you to go through. Along with 7 tips or guidelines for creating the cover page, we have also provided 11 ideas to make a professional portfolio cover page.
7 Tips to Follow
Browsing through the Internet, searching for portfolio cover page ideas and templates is a good thing. However, there are a few points to consider before you finalize a design.
  1. If you can't design your own cover page, don't feel shy to consult with a professional portfolio designer. (Hint: Check their portfolio cover pages to get an idea about their experience and creativity.)
  2. Include striking, bold, and engaging graphics and photographs that explain what your portfolio contains. You want to be innovative, but not so ambiguous with your design that a potential client or employer is puzzled from the get-go.
  3. Ensure that the images and/or graphics used for the cover page are authentic and not copyrighted.
  4. Use text on the cover page strategically. It should be placed in such a way that it serves the purpose, but not so loud and in your face that it makes the entire page appear crowded.
  5. The font used for the text needs to complement the graphics and/or photographs. The page is like a complete picture; everything on it should be there for a reason.
  6. Keep your target audience in mind when you design the cover page. For example, a cover page for a science undergrad student cannot have over-the-top graphic elements.
  7. Have a clear picture as to what are you trying to convey or accomplish through the cover page.
11 Portfolio Cover Page Templates
In this section, we have compiled a handful design ideas that you can consider for your cover page. Remember to keep your field of work in mind as you browse the templates.
Teaching portfolio cover page
Wedding planning portfolio cover page
Architecture portfolio cover page
Modeling portfolio cover page
Interior design portfolio cover page
Hair makeup portfolio cover page
Graphic design portfolio cover page
Tattoo art portfolio cover page
Photography portfolio cover page
Bakery portfolio cover page
Fashion design portfolio cover page
Once the cover page is out of the way, you can concentrate on putting together an attractive career portfolio. Showcase your skills and abilities in your chosen field of work with old and current work examples as it highlights your accomplishments till date.