HR Resume

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HR Resume

The information about how to prepare a HR manager’s resume can be obtained from this article. The samples presented below should also prove to be helpful in the process of preparing one.

The role of HR personnel in a company’s progress is an important one. A HR manager has to handle many different responsibilities such as hiring employees, training them, sorting out issues, etc. The resume of a HR manager should reflect the work experience and responsibilities handled by him. Mere listing down the job functionalities falls short of communicating the true nature of the job and skills possessed by the professional. The summary of qualifications and other details pertaining to work experience should be presented properly.


The HR resume has different formats, based on the work experience and designation/position for which one is applying. Resume writing requires presenting the personal and professional details effectively and in a way which creates an almost exact impression of personal and professional life. Following are some of the examples which can be helpful.

Entry-level Resume for HR
John Anderson
1245, West 68 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01742,
(124)-458 7889.

Subject: Interested in working for a reputed company as an entry-level HR manager.

Skills Possessed:
Excellent communication and writing skills.
Knowledge of using tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Capable of managing project and departmental budgets.

Education: B.S. in Business Administration.

Training Specialist Resume
Michael Green
1165, East Street,
San Francisco, CA

2010: Working as a ‘Teaching Specialist’

  • Necessary experience in arranging employee meetings, overseeing the procedures used for departments in the company, etc.
  • Experience in handling checkup programs and members of staff profit program.
  • Conducted several training programs for employees at all levels of hierarchy.

2007: Worked as a Human Resource Helper.
The responsibilities of looking after temporary placements and workmen’s recompense filings were handled.

Certificate in Human Resources Management, 2005
California College, CA

Objective Statements
The purpose of writing a HR manager’s resume objective statement is to convey to the recruiter your personal career goal. It should be presented in a precise and concise manner. The objective statement is used to understand the purpose of sending the resume. Cover letter is the right place to present the objective statement. This is because, adding it (purpose of sending the resume) inside the letter, i.e., on the resume won’t serve any purpose.

A HR plays many different roles in a company. Apart from the regular recruiting and training activities, a HR has to provide counseling to employees, solve labor disputes, resolve issues regarding compensation, etc. The resume should reflect skills and expertise of HR professional. Importance of a HR professional in the smooth functioning of an organization should be highlighted in it. The role that one has played to influence the functioning of an organization has to be presented in the resume. Rather than just mentioning job responsibilities, the change that was brought about in the organization during your stay in the company should be highlighted. The cover letter is equally important too. One should therefore, prepare it carefully.

The HR manager’s resume should present the employer with a correct picture of his abilities and skills. One should therefore, carefully prepare this document.

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