HR Assistant Job Description

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HR Assistant Job Description

If you are thinking of making a career in human resource management, then you can apply for a job of HR assistant at the entry level. Take a look at the HR assistant job description presented in this article to know the duties and responsibilities of an HR assistant….

If you have a good academic qualification and if you have a flair for communication, you can opt for a career in human resource management. At the entry level, you would be expected to assist the HR manager in the process of recruitment and training the employees. This would be ‘on the job training’ for you as well. You can learn a lot of things while working as an assistant and it can be helpful for you when you would work as an HR manager. The nature of work of an HR assistant may vary from company to company.

HR Assistant’s Duties and Responsibilities

HR assistant job description may vary according to the location and size and structure of the employing organization. In a large organization, located in a large city, you might be allotted certain specific duties only; but in a smaller organization, you might be expected to accomplish a number of administrative tasks. Recruitment of correct candidates and training the newly recruited candidates according to the organization’s expectations are the main duties of an HR assistant. Here is a list of duties and responsibilities of an HR assistant.

Employee Recruitment:

  • Designing and posting an advertisement for recruitment.
  • Examining the received applications and recording the details in the office database.
  • Forwarding the necessary information to HR manager and helping him in selecting correct candidates for interviews.
  • Preparing pre-employment test material if required and conducting the test.
  • Organizing interviews and tests at other premises (in hotels) if required.
  • Sending letters and e-mails to successful as well as unsuccessful candidates.
  • Preparing the contract papers and getting them signed as per instructions.
  • Checking the documents like educational certificates, drug test reports, driving license, police record, etc., of the successful candidates.
  • Scheduling the interviews according to the availability of the management staff and informing the candidates through e-mails or phone calls.
  • Explaining the conditions, rules and regulations of the organization regarding the pay scale and other benefits.
  • Updating the HR database by adding the personal information of the employees.

Employee Training:

  • Keeping in touch with the training institutes or services, finding out how the staff can be trained well to achieve the determined goal in a short period of time.
  • Scheduling, arranging the training course.
  • Training the new employees and arranging refresher courses for old employees.
  • Keeping proper record of the trainings arranged and completed.
  • Producing reports about the activities whenever demanded by the manager.


  • Conveying the information of employees to insurance companies and informing the employees about the policies.
  • Submitting documents to insurance companies, banks, etc.
  • Maintaining the data of leave applications and available leaves of the employees.
  • Maintaining a file of personal information of each and every employee.
  • Helping the manager in evaluating the performance of each and every employee for an appraisal and salary review.
  • Maintain the records regarding change of staff, attendance register, time book, etc.
  • If the HR team is traveling, make all the arrangements like booking tickets, hotel reservations, etc.
  • Arranging meetings of the HR team and submitting confidential reports and documents.
  • Recording the minutes of the meetings.
  • Assisting the HR team in research and other related activities for the welfare of the company.
  • Maintaining and updating employee directory and the statistical data.
  • Making arrangements for various events in the company for team building, for example, birthday celebrations, various competitions, sports, prize distribution, annual day celebrations, etc.

I am sure you would like to read more on human resource manager – job description. Salary of HR assistant would vary according to experience; and nature and location of the organization. At the entry level, salary range would be $27000-$37000. Salary of an experienced person can be in the range of $31000-$42000.

An HR assistant needs to know labor laws, state laws about working environment, security of the workers, health insurance, banking facilities, etc. The most important thing is that the HR assistant is supposed to assist the employees to maintain good relations amongst each other and also with the managing committee. His/her duty does not end after hiring an employee. He/she is expected to encourage the employee to stick to the organization, through constant appreciation and by ensuring performance appraisals.

It’s the duty of the HR assistant to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the organization so that the employees remain devoted to the organization. He/she is thus expected to act as a communication bridge between the management and the employees.

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