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How to Write a Resume for a Business Analyst

How to Write a Resume for a Business Analyst

Do you want to write a resume for a business analyst? In this article, we tell you how you can write such a resume and what are the things to keep in mind while drafting the resume.
Tulika Nair
The position of a business analyst is one of the most important posts in an organization as these are the people that help analyze whether or not an application that is being developed or used is of actual use in the market or in the organization. They take care of the needs of the client and find out their business problems. It is important that a good business analyst have good communication skills and the ability to interact with different members of the team and lead a team well.

Whether you are writing a resume for a business analyst or for an engineer, there are some basic things that remain the same. It is important that you provide the prospective employer with information that will truly help you garner an interview. It is essential that you write a resume that will definitely be read by the employer and not tossed into the dustbin. While writing a resume ensure that you include what is your career objective and what your career has looked like till date. Your educational qualifications should be highlighted as should relevant experience. While mentioning your work experience do so in chronological order starting from the last job that you held. Ensure that you do not include information that is completely irrelevant to the job at hand. Be brief and concise. While writing a resume, prepare an outline of all the skills that are needed of an analyst and try and reflect in your resume, how you possess the required skill-set and knowledge. Make a list of all those certifications that you have, that would in some way or the other help you get the job that you desire. Ensure that you mention this in your resume. In the next section, we give you an example of a business analyst resume that will help you draft your resume better.

Sample Resume for Business Analyst

Now let us take a look at a sample resume that will help you understand the tips given in this article better.

Joe McCullum
Business Analyst
New Jersey
New York - 231 244
913 549 5945


To use my experience of eight years in project management and business analysis in the television media in an organization working in a similar field and contribute to their growth.


2008 - 2011: Senior Business Analyst
ABC Global Media
  • Understood client requirements and worked on projects to cater to these needs.
  • Worked with the in-house sales and marketing teams and advertising agencies to build communication for project launches.
  • Conducted analysis for the various projects that were launched regarding market acceptance and project feasibility.
  • Development of user manuals for a content management systems as needed by clients.
  • Managing project budgets and ensuring that the resources are divided fairly and according to incurred costs.
  • Managing a multidisciplinary team of eight people consisting of developers, designers, testers, etc.
2006 - 2008: Business Analyst
Greenbay Online
  • Entry-level business analyst working on several online projects developing business plans according to client needs.
  • Worked with executive teams to define and develop websites for clients after taking into account market trends and target groups.

B.Sc. Cognitive Psychology
2005, New York University

Hopefully, the tips given in this article on writing a resume for the position of a business analyst have helped you understand the format of the resume. Just follow the tips given here and the format of the resume, you should be able to write a good resume for yourself.