How to Write an Introduction Letter

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How to Write an Introduction Letter

An introduction letter is a useful tool to have when an individual is applying for a job in an organization. The letter establishes a connection between the applicant and a certain individual who is already working in the organization, and so it works as an instant referral.

Letters of introduction are typically written with the purpose of introducing a potential employee to a business organization, and sometimes it is even written to a potential employer to inquire about a career opportunity. In most cases, a person who is working in an organization will refer a potential employee to the recruitment division of that organization, and will write a letter of introduction for this purpose.

Today, most introduction letters are sent via email, so they need to be concise and to the point. Not many people have the time to read through a very long letter, so it needs to be as short and sweet as possible. The aim is to basically introduce the individual who is being referred, and stating why the writer of the letter feels that individual will be a good fit. The resume of the individual will also need to be provided along with this letter. If the individual is writing a letter with the purpose of introducing himself, then he may need to add a few more details, so as to convince the receiver that he is capable and eligible for the career opportunity. It can also be from one company to another, which is an introduction letter for business, whereas the first company tries to offer its services or products to the latter.

Rules for Writing an Introduction Letter

These rules are the same for both the scenarios that are mentioned above, and it will enable the writer to get his point across successfully. It is not a very difficult task, and with a little bit of thought and practice, one can master this art with ease. Here are some notable points that need to be kept in mind.

  • The resume of the individual must be attached with the letter. Giving out all details about the person’s education and work experience in the letter itself is not advisable, as this can turn the reader off.
  • The introduction letter needs to be as short as possible, but should cover all the necessary points. This includes the basic background of the individual, the department or the job that he is going to be applying for, the reason why he wishes to join the organization, and the reason why he is a good fit for the job.
  • If the letter is being written by a third person who is referring an individual for a job, then he must state how he knows this individual. This is important because it underlines the basis of their relationship.
  • The letter should be creative to a certain extent and should not be a mere statement of facts. While it is not advisable to include too many details in the letter and make it too long, the reader should not feel like the letter is too formal and does not give any information at all about the person being introduced.
  • If you are writing a letter of introduction for yourself, then you need to state why you feel you are eligible for the job, why you want the job, what you can offer. You should also give details about someone that you may know in the organization.

These letters are quite similar to cover letters, but there are some minor differences between the two. They will always be written when the individual who is applying for the job knows someone who works in the organization. This lends an air of credibility to the applicant.

Introduction Letter Sample

Here is a sample letter when an individual who is working in an organization is writing the letter to the recruitment department and referring a person who is interested in applying for a job there. In this case, the letter has been sent to Mr. Dylan by Mr. Draper to recommend Mr. Jagger for a job in the creative department of a reputed ad agency.

Dear Mr. Dylan,

I am writing this letter to introduce Mr. Mick Jagger to you, who I know from my days in the McKenzie Academy. We worked together on several projects and he is a very resourceful creative director with years of experience in the industry.

He is interested in relocating to New York and would like an opportunity in our organization. I can vouch for him and say that he will be a very valuable addition to our firm, and you can view his resume that I have attached with this email. Further details about his education and his experience and his contact details can be gathered from the resume itself.

Any help that you can provide him with will be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for any assistance that you provide.

Donald Draper.

If Mr. Jagger was writing this letter himself then he would firstly mention his primary title and the post that he is applying for in the firm. He would then state his connection with Mr. Draper, and then elucidate on why he will be a good match for the firm and what he will be able to offer. This template will be similar to any other cover letter that he may write while applying for a job.

Writing an introduction letter is no tough task at all, but one must remember to clearly emphasize the connection that is present. If this connection is not highlighted properly, the letter will be like any other job application letter.

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